8 Top US Travel Agency in Turkey


If you’re planning a trip to the United States and are already in Turkey, hiring a US travel agency in Turkey can help with the process and ensure a smooth journey.

Travel agents play a vital role in the tourism industry, particularly in Turkey. The country has over 12,000 travel agencies from different countries, giving guests a wide choice of activities to choose from.

Here’s a list of US Travel agency in Turkey and how to choose a reputable US travel agency in Turkey

Types of Travel Agencies in Turkey

Travel agencies in Turkey are essentially classified into two types: Tourist (Tourism) and income-generating agencies. Tourism agencies focus on providing tours and activities to visitors, whereas income-generating agencies generate revenue through a variety of methods.

When selecting a travel agency, it is essential to understand the difference between the two categories so that you can make the most of your vacation in Turkey.

Having explained this, let’s see the list of US travel agency in Turkey.

US Travel Agency in Turkey

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1. Hanuman Paragliding

Hanuman Paragliding is an adventure tour company in Turkey that offers specialized paragliding and adventure activities that will get your adrenaline pumping like crazy! They run paragliding sessions from Mt. Babadag.

They have a staff of skilled and qualified pilot guides who are competent and friendly in every aspect.

With over 13 years of expertise, Hanuman Paragliding will teach you how to soar like a bird.

2. Gorgeous Tour

Gorgeous Tour, a major Turkish tour business situated in Goreme, has over 11 years of expertise in the tourist industry and provides local sightseeing private tours as well as customized itineraries for individuals, groups and families.

The organization is creative, competent and trustworthy, and they endeavor to provide complete satisfaction to all valued visitors.

Gorgeous Tours cooperates with a young and vibrant team of experienced tour guides to deliver high-quality travel experiences. The company will make your visit to the United States healthy and trouble-free.

3. Royal Balloon, Cappadocia

Royal Balloon Cappadocia, Turkey’s first hot air balloon tour company, pioneered tourism services by delivering luxury, high-quality flights in Cappadocia.

Their emphasis on customized service differentiates them and guarantees that guests have a more pleasant and royal-class experience. They use well-known pilots and provide top-notch safety through insurance coverage.

Furthermore, they provide exclusive benefits like full open buffet breakfasts and participation in prestigious travel organizations. They will provide you with a unique experience of royal standards.

4. Viaurbis

Viaurbis is a well-regarded tourist service in Turkey that offers free walking tours around the country, from Istanbul to Ephesus. They are professionals at creating and commercializing unique experiences with the highest levels of safety and quality.

They provide individual trips to discover hidden gems and make memories in elegant and special locations.

They offer a blend of the country’s unique historical history, nature and beauty.

5. Hereke Travels

Hereke Travel is a certified travel operator in Turkey, with a strong presence in major cities such as Istanbul and Cappadocia. The organization provides a range of services, from private and small group tours to educational visits.

With many years of experience in travel and tourism, the organization understands how to provide its customers with individualized attention, care and comfort.

All of Hereke Travel’s tours are completely insured and led by licensed, English-speaking guides.

6. Ephesus Port Tours

Ephesus Port Tours offers tours of one of the world’s best-preserved Roman cities. The company was one of the first local tour companies in Ephesus and its mission is to benefit the local people through tourism. Their tour guides are all locals who are trained and skilled in meeting your every need.

Ephesus Port Tours is one of Turkey’s best tour companies, offering cheap prices and a commitment to providing excellent service.

7. Bosphorus Tour Istanbul

Bosphorus Tour Istanbul is a privately owned tour company in Turkey that offers high-quality boat sightseeing and dinner excursions on the Bosphorus in Istanbul.

They concentrate on displaying the city’s monuments while providing outstanding entertainment. Their convenient transfers ensure a secure, comfortable and entertaining journey in Istanbul.

8. Tourmania

Tourmania is a large tour operator in Turkey with several positive reviews and a high rating on multiple reputable tourism platforms.

They take pleasure in providing the most amazing day trips, personalized tours and Cappadocia hot air balloon flights. They also provide trips at very low prices while maintaining their reputation for excellent customer service.

The organization wants you to have a positive time in Turkey, which they can do through their carefully designed trips.

Choosing the Right Travel Agency

There are hundreds of travel agencies in Turkey. However, many of them are unable to provide full service and support to travelers, particularly corporate visitors.

Some of them provide limited services, while others just organize group tours to specific tourist spots.

US travel agency in Turkey, on the other hand, provides comprehensive travel and event management services, including accommodation, venue procurement, event production and even team-building activities.

Reliability is necessary for a travel firm that offers excursions to individuals and outgoing agencies.

It can be tough to determine whether a travel agency in Turkey is reliable. However, with the progress of the internet, we can assess whether they have timeshare experience and information from previous tourists who have used their services.

Some of the benefits of dealing with a travel agency include:

  • Travel agencies save time, money, and stress.
  • They have considerable local knowledge.
  • They provide personalized tours, and unique events for business, pleasure, and luxury trips.
  • They have a trustworthy network of local suppliers. As a result, your guests will benefit from your experience while you save money.

If these aren’t enough to sway your decision, let’s look at all aspects of selecting a travel agency in Istanbul, including more practical and thorough suggestions.

How do You Choose a Reliable US Travel Agency in Turkey?

1. Travel agencies in Istanbul must have a professional network

Understanding the organization’s business partner and vendor network may help you acquire what you desire. Whether they run a tiny business or a large travel agency, they are nearly always connected to a professional network.

When choosing a travel agency in Turkey, qualified vendor networks can be a source of confidence.

They guarantee that your visitors will be served by knowledgeable and pleasant staff.

2. Proven Experience in Local Culture

Tourism requires a complete awareness of the local culture. It is also related to the previous feature of maintaining a professional vendor network.

The reason for that resides in knowing the best vendors with the help of local know-how. An experienced travel agency in Turkey understands how the business operates and can get the most out of a provider by providing clear guidelines and briefs.

3. As a Digital Travel Agency

In a market flooded with internet travel tools and information, travel agents must stay current on the newest trends.

When you work with a travel agency in Turkey, the majority of your clients will have previously researched the destinations they want to visit. So, travel consultants should also do their assignments!

Having a digitalized travel firm with a strong booking and planning infrastructure can be quite beneficial.

Because digitalized travel agencies can restructure and reschedule reservations, they do not get bogged down in forwarding emails, saving you time.

4. Do They Have a Strong Background in the Travel Industry?

An agency may never have visited Turkey for a site inspection or taken a personal holiday there.

Here’s where the local agency comes in. A local agency that has been providing services in Turkey for a long time. They have direct knowledge of it from previous clients and encounters.

A travel firm with a solid presence in Istanbul will provide you with its expertise. It will also have contacts that could be useful in acquiring additional perks and favors in the future.

5. How do they communicate?

Communication is interchangeable with customer service. Everything else is outside if the customer service is bad.

In that scenario, the travel agency is not the right fit for you. One of the first indicators to check for is reaction time.

  • How long did the agent take to react to your email or phone call?
  • When they called, did they conduct any primary research on your question?
  • Do they need to ask you more qualifying questions?

A reputable travel agency in Turkey would first contact the client. They initially try to understand their clients’ demands and then provide services accordingly.

They also verify and provide any missing information that may have been overlooked. Some travel specialists will even make recommendations to help you make your decision.

Maintaining contact with a client regularly might help you provide comfortable services. Keeping in touch will also help promote future transactions.

As a rule of thumb, they should provide customer service that never leaves you or your visitors feeling alone. Your travel agent should follow up with you during the planning process and the actual trip.



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