10 Warmest Places in the US in January


If you reside in the Western Hemisphere, you’re probably wanting warmth and sunshine by the time January arrives.

And, in the United States, while some states are having a long, cold winter, others are enjoying mild, dry weather. If you want to know where it is hot in January in the United States, keep reading.

Warmest Places in the US in January

1. Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island is located in South Carolina’s picturesque Lowcountry. It boasts 12 miles of beautiful beaches, a typical coastline, the iconic red-and-white Harbor Town Lighthouse and a gorgeous golf course.

It is a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of US cities and embrace a gentler pace of life. It also has the advantage of being much less mainstream and quieter in terms of tourism, particularly during the January low season.

Its temperatures stay around 60 degrees Fahrenheit, making it ideal for beach walks if you wear a few layers. It is the perfect eccentric retreat in January if you don’t want excessive sun and heat but want coastal views. You can even see dolphins.

2. Mammoth lakes

Mammoth Lakes is a California hamlet located in the popular Sierra Nevada mountains. During the spring and summer, it is a popular destination for multi-day hikes and breathtaking alpine views.

During the winter, it transforms into a top destination for winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding. From Mammoth Lakes, you may explore Devil’s Postpile National Monument and observe Mono Lake’s limestone towers.

It is also close to Yosemite National Park, making it an ideal location for a longer stay. If you want a California ski vacation—a word you rarely hear – Mammoth Lakes is your best option.

It is also great for discovering eastern California sights that are too difficult to visit on a day trip from Los Angeles or San Francisco. Mammoth Lakes is a winter sports paradise and a good location for day adventures.

3. Payette National Forest

Payette National Forest is a 2.3 million-acre forest in Idaho and a great spot to hike, camp and meet face-to-face (or as close as possible) with hundreds of classic American animals.

You can see deer, elk, mountain lions, bears, coyotes and adorable little animals like river otters and snowshoe hares. It also establishes ‘open play areas’ where appropriate vehicles can navigate winter snow tracks. You can just use the Payette Winter Travel Map for route directions. If you desire a winter forest escape in January, the snowy Payette National Forest is an excellent choice.

It has very accessible forest roads if you have a 4WD with the proper adaptations and it is well-prepared for winter visitors with its Winter Travel Map. You can also enjoy cross-country skiing and other winter activities.

4. Aspen

Aspen is stunning. The mountain town is a hub of winter activities and the entire United States waits until winter returns to Aspen. The majority of the best activities involve snow and you can enjoy excellent skiing and snowboarding.

That’s not to mention local attractions such as Glenwood Hot Springs, where you can spend the day relaxing in naturally heated pools. When is it better to do so than during the winter?

If you enjoy snow sports, Aspen is a must-visit destination. January is particularly crowded because winter is Aspen’s peak season.

However, March and December are among the busiest months, so you won’t be completely overwhelmed by crowds. Start the new year in style by ripping down an Aspen mountain.

5. Las Vegas

Vegas is an easy destination to encourage people to visit. Sin City is one of the world’s most famous places, where you can gamble, party and sightsee to your heart’s content.

It has a reputation for excess, as evidenced by the hotels and accommodations in Las Vegas. You may find everything from casinos to world-class golf courses. Talk about variety.

New Year’s Eve is an intensive yet extremely enjoyable time to visit Las Vegas, so we recommend traveling between late December and early January.

However, late and mid-January have their appeal, with plenty of events and action on the Strip. That’s not even taking into account all of the amazing things to do away from the Strip, such as day trips to kayak Emerald Cave and the Grand Canyon.

6. Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is an excellent winter retreat. The historic city is Utah’s capital and has a rich cultural heritage, including Mormon history and religious attractions.

It has a variety of attractions, including the Natural History Museum of Utah, the Salt Lake Utah Temple, This Is The Place Heritage Park and the stunning Red Butte Garden. It is rich in historical and cultural history, and its attractions are significantly quieter during the January off-season.

You should also think about its great winter activities, such as skiing and snowboarding resorts in the neighboring mountains.

It may not be the first place you think of for a January vacation, but it is a wonderful choice for anyone who enjoys adrenaline or is interested in Mormonism.

7. Puerto Rico

While you can undoubtedly spend your holiday in San Juan, Puerto Rico’s capital, the island is small enough that you can take a road trip around it if you just have seven days. It’s a stunning Caribbean island to explore!

Puerto Rico is a US territory, so visiting is a domestic excursion for US nationals. January is an excellent time to come because it is outside of hurricane season, and daily highs are in the low 80s Fahrenheit, making it ideal for beach days and outdoor exploration.

The water temperature is also in the low 80s, making for ideal ocean swimming conditions. Fly into San Juan to start your Puerto Rico trip. There are numerous activities to do in Old San Juan, ranging from exploring the El Morro and San Cristobal forts to taking a cuisine tour.

You’ll want to take lots of shots of the beautiful colonial facades in the historic neighborhood, and go on a food tour to experience the great cuisine!


Miami is a terrific location all year and one of the best places to visit in Florida, but January is especially good for the weather and a variety of interesting activities!

While the northern United States is normally digging out of a snowstorm, visitors to Miami are strolling the beach, enjoying an unlimited array of restaurants, shopping and other activities.

In January, the average temperature is in the 70s with little rain—you can’t ask for anything better! For those who wish to go to the beach, there is no better place than Miami. It’s one of the most popular beaches in the United States!

Aside from lounging on the beautiful sands, the beach is an excellent spot to get some exercise and people-watch.


San Diego is an excellent city to visit in January, whether you’re traveling alone, with a partner, or with children! San Diego is in southern California, so the temperature isn’t as scorching as it is in the summer, making it ideal for spending time outside.

One of the nicest things to do in San Diego in January is to head to Balboa Park. This vast park features museums, promenades, and an artist village where you can purchase local art. If you want to be more active, visit the park’s various paths.

The San Diego Zoo, located in Balboa Park, is also a fantastic destination to visit. It is one of the top zoos in the country.

Another enjoyable thing to do in San Diego in January is to visit Seaport Village. This is a relaxed seaside shopping area where you may roam about and admire the views of San Diego Bay. Numerous restaurants in Seaport Village offer a wide selection of tasty dinner options.

If you want to learn about San Diego’s history, visit Old Town San Diego. This was the earliest European settlement in California, and there are several historic buildings to explore. This region also includes a variety of shops and eateries to visit.

Outdoor enthusiasts may want to spend some time at Cabrillo National Monument, where you can go tide pooling, enjoy magnificent views of downtown San Diego, and look for whales in season.

While there is lots of sunshine in San Diego in January, pack a light jacket because the nights may be fairly cool.

10. Santa Barbara, California

The charming coastal city of Santa Barbara, California, is one of the greatest warm spots to visit in January in the United States.

Daytime temperatures hover around the mid-60s Fahrenheit, making them excellent for exploring the outdoors and participating in water sports.

The Presidio of Santa Barbara, one of four Spanish forts built in California and now a state park, is a must-see for historians.

Make sure to stop by the stunning Old Mission Santa Barbara, where you can explore the museum, church, cemetery, and gardens.

Another must-see site in Santa Barbara is the County Courthouse, which features magnificent architecture and subterranean courtyard gardens. Ascend to the viewing gallery in the Clock Tower for breathtaking 360-degree views of the city.


The United States offers everything from winter outdoor activities in snowy resort towns to tropical paradises like the Big Island and breathtaking red rock vistas like Zion National Park.

And that’s before we get into city breaks—hello, New York and Vegas. The winter months underscore the stark differences in experiences in the United States.

Hopefully, you are now excited to embark on your January vacation.




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