8 Fun Things to do in Downtown Lancaster PA


Lancaster, Pennsylvania, combines history, culture, art, city life  and wonderful cuisine. Lancaster County has many options for an exceptional stay, whether you’re a frequent visitor or visiting from out of state.

Lancaster City and its surrounding countryside mix Dutch and German history and legacy, enthralling American colonial history and vibrant Amish villages to create a cultural melting pot unlike any other.

Exciting things are not far away either. The old city’s numerous attractive enterprises offer opportunities to buy, dine and appreciate art.

Are you ready to organize your trip? Here are the top things to do in Lancaster, PA, ideal for weekend getaways, vacations, or a fun night out with family and friends.

Things to Do in Downtown Lancaster, PA

1. Visit Dutch Wonderland

Dutch Wonderland, dubbed the “kingdom for kids,” is one of Lancaster’s top amusement parks.

It has everything from roller coasters to water slides, so kids of all ages may shout, splash, and scamper till their hearts’ delight.

Toddlers can love carousels and teacup rides. Teenagers can collide with bumper vehicles.

Mom and Dad will appreciate the cafes, game booths, fun houses, dinosaur exhibitions and virtual reality simulations.

Once you’ve purchased your ticket, the entertainment doesn’t stop. Another advantage of Dutch Wonderland is its ease of access for tourists.

If it rains for more than an hour while you’re there, you’ll receive a free return pass. If your child is upset by the loud noises and you have to leave, you can receive a full refund.

Overall, Dutch Wonderland is one of the best locations to visit in Lancaster with kids. It’s a favorite Pennsylvania site since there’s something for everyone, so bring the whole family and get your wristbands.

2. The Amish Farm and House Tour

Pennsylvania has a large Amish culture and the Amish Farm and House Tour allows visitors to observe how they actually live.

When you visit Amish shops, explore their villages and take a bus ride through their farmlands, you’ll get a true, authentic feel for Amish country.

Once you get to the community, you will be able to choose from a variety of activities. Take a buggy ride down dirt roads and see the barn, stable and one-room schoolhouse.

You may even purchase handcrafted clothing and blankets at the gift shop. Amish Farm and House Tour was one of the first Amish tourist attractions in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and it remains one of the most popular today.

If you want to extend your horizons and perhaps overcome a few stereotypes, call and reserve your bus.

3. Turkey Hill Experience

Do you have a sweet tooth? You’ll love the Turkey Hill Experience’s teas and ice creams.

It’s one of the most enjoyable things to do in Lancaster, PA, especially when you need to cool off on a hot summer day.

Turkey Hill, a dairy firm in Pennsylvania, runs the Turkey Hill Experience, which is essentially a self-guided tour of their facilities.

You can try ice cream, bag your own tea leaves, milk a mechanical cow, play with interactive exhibitions and sit inside a dairy truck.

There’s a lot to see and do, and it’s all quite sweet. The “taste lab” is by far the best part of the Turkey Hill experience. For a modest cost, you may make your own ice cream flavor from scratch.

For children, it can be delicious, messy fun; for couples, it can be a romantic date complete with heart eyes and spoon feeding.

If you’re looking for something to do in Lancaster, PA, on a hot summer day, consider the Turkey Hill Experience. It’s the state’s largest Turkey Hill building, so pay it a visit while you can!

4. Visit Choo Choo Barn

If you spent any of your childhood making model trains, the Choo Choo Barn will transport you back to those days of poring over whistles and wheels.

It covers more than 1,700 square feet and features hundreds of displays of trains, trams, locomotives and other Lancaster, PA, landmarks.

A WWII veteran founded the Choo Choo Barn in 1945. His first train set was a simple one that he built with his two-year-old son, but the two developed a lifelong obsession out of it, and their trains eventually took over the family basement.

By the time the son needed money for college, their collection had grown to the point where they decided to charge entry to visitors and the Choo Choo Barn was formed.

Today, the Choo Choo Barn is one of those unique tourist sites that you can’t pass up when you see it promoted on a billboard. It’s a source of pride in Pennsylvania, and you’ll have a terrific story to tell your friends when you return home.

If you’re seeking the top locations to visit in Lancaster, consider the Choo Choo Barn. There’s nothing else like it in the state!

5. Visit Long’s Park

Long’s Park is one of the most vibrant areas in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. From the outside, it appears to be a typical public park but once you step onto its verdant grass, a whole other world of possibilities opens out before you.

Are you a nature lover? Explore the beautiful surroundings, which include wildflower fields and a spring-fed lake, by hiking, biking, fishing, or picnicking.

Do you enjoy animals? Long’s Park features a petting zoo where people of all ages can make fuzzy companions.

Do you want to do something exciting during your trip to Lancaster? There is always something going on at the park, so all you have to do is catch the next musical festival, BBQ competition or fine arts fair.

Long’s Park offers a wide range of recreational opportunities. There’s a reason it’s one of Lancaster’s most popular attractions, so add it to your list of “attractions to visit” while you’re in Pennsylvania.

6. Visit Lititz Springs Park

Pennsylvania is one of the most beautiful places in the United States, and Lititz Springs Park exemplifies this.

Brick canals lead to a big water fountain, while grassy meadows give place to shaded pavilions with trees and picnic tables.

Ducks weave amongst frogs, birds and squirrels. Kids are constantly laughing on the playground. If this seems like an idyllic location, you’re correct.

Lititz Springs Park is a lovely area to escape the hustle and bustle of Lancaster. In truth, it is somewhat beyond the city limits; it is close to Lancaster but not really part of it.

It isn’t entirely quiet, though. One of the best things about Lititz Springs Park is that it frequently hosts special events, so if you go at the correct time, you can attend everything from wine festivals to ice sculpture competitions. It is one of Pennsylvania’s best locations.

If you’re seeking interesting, free things to do in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, consider Lititz Springs Park. It can be a pleasant excursion or a passionate date.

It’s a really versatile holiday site, which is why we rank it among our top 8 attractions near Lancaster.

7. Visit Kitchen Kettle Village

The Pennsylvania Dutch have a long, fascinating history and they were so important in Lancaster’s creation that it would be a shame to visit without understanding more about them.

The good news is that Kitchen Kettle Village makes it simple! The Kitchen Kettle Village, a vast complex with dozens of shops, stores, events and tours, is one of the greatest venues in Lancaster to learn about Pennsylvania Dutch culture.

You can explore anything from jam stores to pottery barns while learning about the community’s art, heritage and culture.

Exploring the Kitchen Kettle Village is free, but if you see anything you like, your purchase will benefit local merchants. You can also donate to numerous charitable initiatives supported by the staff.

If you’re wondering what to do in Lancaster, PA, get on a buggy and visit the Kitchen Kettle Village. You can design an educational and fun excursion.

8. Lancaster Hot Air Balloon Rides

A hot air balloon ride is one of the most breathtaking ways to see the Pennsylvania countryside.

When you book a tour with Lancaster Hot Air Balloon Rides, you’ll get to fly over the scenic farmlands of Amish country, which is particularly breathtaking.

This company offers two types of tours: shared and private. You’ll meet new people on the shared trip while hundreds of feet in the air. The private trip allows you to take your partner on a romantic date or your parents on an  outstanding anniversary celebration.

Are you going to Lancaster in the fall? You’ll arrive just in time for the Lancaster Balloon Festival!

The horizon will be filled with hot air balloons of various colors; it’s a sight to behold.


If you need a day off and are willing to travel a little bit right now, Pennsylvania has a lot to offer.

One of the most intriguing and popular locations is good old Pennsylvania Dutch County, sometimes known as Lancaster County.

Sure, everyone is aware that Lancaster has a large and active Amish community, and there are numerous opportunities to explore it.

But Lancaster is much more than just that. In this article, we have listed things to do in downtown Lancaster, PA.


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