20 Popular Waterpark Hotels at Florida


Have you ever heard of a state in America referred to as ‘the sunshine state’ due to the fact that it has over 300 days of sunshine in a year? The name of that state is Florida, and due to the amount of sunlight it has, its population is climbing to 20 million people.

It is the third-most populous state in America. Adding to the fact of Florida is regarded as a ‘sunshine state’, it is also characterized by beaches, as it has the longest coastline, which gave rise to the numerous waterparks in Florida.

As Florida evolved further in architecture, they started incorporating these water parks into the design and construction of their hotels. There are so many beautiful and breath-taking water park hotels in Florida and we’ll be going through them one after the other.

Waterpark Hotels at Florida

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1. Grassy Flats Resort and Beach Club

If you’re looking for sunny, adventure-filled days and a warm place to spend your vacation, Grassy Flats Resort and Beach Club is the perfect location to experience all that. It is family-owned and was designed to be eco-friendly. Their services are highly organized and a lot of action-packed water activities go on there.

It has a blend of modern facilities and still has this historical charm. Grassy Flats offers a mesmerizing “olde Florida” experience. A room at Grassy Flats costs about $485. Grassy Flats also has an additional package of a beach club on site, of which you can be a member.

The club hosts a lot of entertaining activities, such as discounts on food, a resort and cabana access, which would make your holiday worthwhile.

2.  The Grove Resort and Water Park Orlando

This is a resort option nestled in the heart of Orlando. It is a family-friendly resort which is 6 miles away from Walt Disney World Resort and is also 7 miles from the Orange County National Gulf Centre and lodge.

Enjoy its luxurious suites, thrilling water slides, lazy river and most especially, its close proximity to Disney. A room costs about $283 dollars. It offers an unparalleled vacation experience, making you embrace peace springing from the surrounding water during your vacation.

3. Coco Key Hotel and Water Park Resort

The Coco Key Hotel is just as magical as it sounds. Located centrally on international drive and near Orlando’s best amusement parks. Coco Key is an exciting place to go on your next vacation. Having it is such a beautiful way of capturing the attention of every tourist and traveler.

A room costs about an approximate $243. It also has an arcade and a spa.

4. Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort and Spa

Looking for the perfect 5-star hotel to spend your vacation at on your arrival to Florida? Well, this is the perfect choice for your dream vacation. It’s not just your regular hotels with the sole service of offering comfortable accommodations, it goes beyond that, providing you with almost anything you would need to make your vacation an unforgettable one, like free Wi-Fi, outdoor pools and a full-service spa.

A room could cost about $484 with lots of elegant seafood dishes and bay views to make you comfortable. It also gives you access to onsite kayaking to experience unlimited pleasure.

5. The Ritz-Carlton Naples, Tiburon

How about having to spend your vacation in a hotel wrapped around with rolling greens consisting of palm trees and a pretty view of a shimmering lake? Ritz-Carlton hopes to bring your Disney stories to life by recreating such magical scenarios for you.

It features modern appliances and spacious layouts, with many spots suitable for relaxation. The rooms range from standard rooms to presidential suites and booking a room costs about $575.

6. Four seasons resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort

This is a 5-Diamond-rated resort which has the combination of luxurious accommodations with a finishing touch of Disney enchantments. It is located within Walt Disney World Resort’s lakeside retreat and is an idyllic getaway with impeccably designed rooms and suites.

It hosts a lot of activities due to the abundance of recreational provisions that thrive in the area. A room at Four Seasons might cost about $1460. It also has other amenities like a state-of-the-art fitness center, a world-class spa, a Tom Fazio golf course and about 3 Har-Tru tennis courts.

7. Balmoral Resort, Florida

Balmoral resort is a luxury vacation rental home which is located in Haines city. The Balmoral resort goes beyond just providing rooms for individuals but also brings in the initiative of preparing rentable homes for families to be able to still stay together despite being on vacation and for those clingy kids who wouldn’t want to stay in a different environment from mummy.

Its rental homes include 2–3-bedroom townhouses and 3-8 bedroom single-family homes. These rental homes are set along tranquil parks and gardens and also have outdoor patios and pools to enhance relaxation. A room at Balmoral may cost about $999.

8. Hyatt Vacation Club at Coconut Cove

Adjacent to the lush greens of a beautiful golf course lies Coconut Cove, I would call it a sanctuary for anyone who wants to take a break from the bustle of the country. The Coconut Cove features a 1000-foot lazy river and still has about four swimming pools, a steaming room and a sauna to feel the heat of your vacation.

It offers a spacious villa, which would normally cost about $371 with king-size beds. There is also free Wi-Fi available for guests and barbecue joints.

9. SpringHill Suites Orlando Lake Buena Vista South

As enchanting as it sounds, the SpringHill is located close to Disney Springs and Epcot. Probably the part you would love the most, SpringHill suites have a tradition of offering a free breakfast buffet for their guests.

It also has a provision of about 18 golf holes for recreational activities. A room at Springhill may cost about $153, depending on the location of the guest.

10. Almond Tree Inn

Enjoy your vacation staying in a cozy contemporary quarter in a motel which offers a heated outdoor pool, a hot tub and free breakfast as well.

It has the friendliest staff you will ever meet in your life. It is located in the key West inn with so many modern amenities. A room might cost about $481.

11. Encore Resort at Reunion

Encore resort is another magical water park hotel positioned next to Disney and at the heart of Orlando’s premier attractions. Dive into the resort’s private swimming pools and get to use their exceptional, top-notch amenities.

A room at Encore Resort would cost about $218. It’s water park covers a total land area of 10 acres. It is a 4-star luxurious hotel.

12. Orchid Key Inn

Just as ancient as the name suggests, the Orchid Key Inn is located in the historic old town of Key West. Despite the circumstances surrounding it’s location, the Orchid Key Inn still provides a 4-star service and has modern indoor facilities for guests.

The Orchid Key Inn includes a beautiful outdoor pool, specially designed orchid bars and whirlpool bathtubs. A room at Orchid Key Inn might cost approximately $515.

13. The Standard Spa, Miami Beach

The standard spa is located on Belle Isle, some meters away from the South beach. It is actually more of a spa than a hotel. A room at this hotel would cost an estimated $645.

One interesting thing about this place is that the spa encourages communal rituals of ancient bathing traditions and thus serves as a hub for sessions by some of the world’s top yogis and treatment by expert practitioners.

14. The Gardens Hotel

The Gardens hotel is nestled in a prime location near Duval street and offers a very satisfying retreat to it’s guests.

It features beautiful, lush gardens and a mystical pool, which are completed by the sound of live music on-site. Bicycles can be rented for use throughout vacation and get to sail merrily on boats. Pet-friendly rooms are also available, all for $367.

15. Cedar Cove Resort and Cottages

Just as beautiful as it sounds, the Cedar Coves abides by the shores of Anna Maria island and for long, has a reputation for it’s immaculate rooms with views varying from oceans to reliefs.

It provides free parking spaces, bars, a lounge, and high-speed WiFi. Get to have beautiful views from the pretty windows, like ocean views, landscape views, and city views, and there are even rooms for bridal events. The room cost about $590.

16. Inn at Pelican Bay

This is an outstanding, beautiful 4-diamond boutique hotel ideal for couples or travelers who would like to have an exotic contemporary experience.

It features a fitness room, soap services and concierge services. A room at Pelican bay would cost about $326.

17. Hampton Inn Orlando/Lake

At the center of attraction lies Hampton Inn, which is just about 0.8 miles from Orange County conventy.

A room at Hampton would cost about $141 and it includes other services like free WiFi, and the ability to eat a free breakfast.

18. Drury Plaza Hotel Orlando

The Drury Plaza Hotel is situated close to the Disney Spring area and features hot tubs, free breakfast, free WiFi, outdoor pools and pet-friendly rooms.

A room at the Drury Plaza Hotel might cost about $161 for a night.

19. Lago Mar Beach Resort and Club

This grand hotel offers residential ambience and executive suites to guests. Lago Mar Beach is also about 10-minute drive from the RiverWalk Arts and Entertainment District

A room may cost $375. The hotel features an outdoor pool on-site, a spa, beachfront and a free parking arena.

20. Setai Hotel Miami

Just as unique as it sounds, the Setai hotel at Miami is an elegant hotel with teak-accented suites.

It features outdoor pools, soa services and a lot of restaurants that have intercontinental dishes to offer. A room at Setai may cost $990.

Have a taste of some of the world’s goodness by letting yourself be served by these water park hotels all over Orlando, Florida and give yourself the delight of sleeping next to the waters in these beautiful hotels.


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