William H. Macy Says Fake Violence Hurts Real World

William H. Macy Says Fake Violence Hurts Real World

William H. Macy is taking a strong stance against violence in movies and television, stating that it has a bad effect on the entire globe and is quite genuine about it.

During an appearance on fellow actor Brett Goldstein’s “Films To Be Buried With” podcast, the actor expressed his opinions regarding violent movies, noting that he believes the needless violence in film cheapens each death and diminishes human life overall.

William H. Macy Says Fake Violence Hurts Real World
Photo Credit: williamhmacy/Instagram

Macy said nothing is more dramatic than killing one person. “You kill 18 people; it’s simply porn.”The only way to make that more dramatic is to kill another 18.”

Essentially, Macy is suggesting that while he isn’t opposed to a well-timed death, gushing blood solely to shock the audience is not acceptable to the revered character actor.

William believes he has lost work because he only works on films with true violence… and he intends to practice what he preaches in a new Western he hopes to direct with his daughter Sofia.

Macy claims the script began with nearly a dozen dead inside the first few pages… but he persuaded producers to put a little more reality back into the film genre by depicting how violence impacts individuals, rather than simply writing them off as dead and gone.

Some may be surprised to hear Macy’s take on violence… ’cause he’s done some violent pictures in his time. “Air Force One,” “Fargo,” “Boogie Nights,” and “Spartan” all contain a significant amount of violence… and many of his characters have been killed!

It sounds like Macy’s over-the-shoot-’em-up flicks, which H’Wood is famous for… pushing for an end to the fake killing.


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