15 Odd, Absurd, And Funny Signs You Don’t See Every Day

Public spaces often have signs meant to inform or guide us, but sometimes they are just absurd. People have found these funny signs, put up by individuals or businesses, and shared them on Facebook groups like “Absurd Signs (Not Absurd Rules)” and “The Absurd Sign Project Uncensored 2.” Whether they are intentional jokes, translation mistakes, or just plain weird, these signs are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Here are 15 odd, absurd, and funny signs you don’t see every day.


1. Men at Work

Image source: Torben Christensen, Facebook

This sign warns about men at work, but it humorously points out that women work all the time and don’t need signs to let you know!

2. Nice Try Vegans

Image source: Marie Oakes, Facebook

if you’re going to chow down on some meat, might as well slather it in BBQ sauce and make it taste like a party in your mouth! After all, why settle for something plain when you can have something flavorful and delicious?

3. No Reading Trains Allowed

Image source: Amanda Clark, Facebook

This sign says the tracks are only for trains. So if you can read this, congratulations—you’re not a train! Now get off the tracks and let the real trains do their thing!

ElfVibratorGlitter: I don’t even have to do anything weird for Florida to ban my books. Interesting thought exercise.

4. Legit Question, Tho

Image source: Jeff Crouse, Facebook

Before we start making robots smart, let’s handle human stupidity first. There’s a lot of that going around.

Doug Burr: What’s really scary is Artificial Intelligence in the hands of Natural Stupidity!  I fear it is!!!!

5. Buy Two, Get One Free

Image source: Barbie Colorado, Facebook

Get a free throat punch when you order pumpkin spiced ribs! Because apparently, that’s the best way to balance out the flavors—sweet and spicy, with a side of ouch!


6. No Forks Given

Image source: Rik Lasater, Facebook

Don’t climb or sit on ducks! We’re watching you on camera, so don’t try anything funny. Those ducks deserve better than being used as chairs.


7. Rock Rules

Image Source: Funny Signs, Facebook

Imagine you’re outside, surrounded by big rocks and beautiful views. Then, you see a sign that says, “Don’t poop on the rocks.” You might think, “Why do they need to tell us that?” Well, some people forgot how to use the bathroom properly and thought rocks were toilets.

To stop this from happening again and to keep the place nice, someone put up this funny sign. It’s a reminder that even simple things need to be said sometimes.



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8. Pets as Parenting Prep

Image Source: Funny Signs, Facebook

Dogs get you ready for babies—they need lots of love, attention, and cleaning up after. Cats, on the other hand, prepare you for teenagers—they’re moody, want their own space, and occasionally knock things over just to keep life interesting!

9. Message to Door Knockers

Image Source: Robin Holt Wilson-Snow, Facebook

The sign is sending attention to door-to-door visitors. This household has a unique policy: listening to sales pitches, religious messages, or fundraising stories costs $50 per minute, payable in advance. By knocking on the door or ringing the doorbell, you automatically agree to these terms. So, unless you’re ready to pay up, you might want to reconsider sharing your pitch here.


10. Pee-vention Measures

Image Source: Funny Signs, Facebook

This clever sign was made by people fed up with cleaning up after strangers. It simply says: “Stop peeing on the floor!”


11. Slow Down and Reflect

Image source: Torben Christensen, Facebook

This sign sets a speed limit of 35, but it also offers some philosophical wisdom: “Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is you’re stupid and make bad decisions.” So, it’s not just about obeying the speed limit; it’s about reflecting on our life choices and, hopefully, driving a little smarter!

12. Adult Video Under Divine Surveillance

Image source: Giyan Chand, Facebook

Chihuahua Mama: Must be some good adult videos if even Jesus is watching them /jk

13. How London Deals with Ghosts

Image source: Chuck Darling, Facebook


Even in the afterlife, there’s no free ride on the London Underground.


14. That Bathroom Must Be Spotless If It’s Fit For Dining

Image source: Andy Thompson, Facebook

If someone is willing to eat a customer, hygiene is probably the last thing on their mind. They’re just excited for the opportunity, not concerned about cleanliness


15. What’s This One Supposed To Mean? Oh…

Image Source: Funny Signs, Facebook

Should be an obvious rule for all balls: Yes, don’t touch balls and if you want to do wash your hands after touching your own balls


Do you have examples of funny signs from around the world?  Let us know in the comments.

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