25 Old Items That Continue To Stand The Test Of Time (New Pics)

Some things are just built differently and can last you a lifetime. Whether it’s design elements, everyday objects, or personal favorites, these timeless items continue to captivate and inspire. However, today, it’s rare to find such long-lasting products. This is proven true thanks to various social media users who proudly share their inherited or purchased possessions that already have several decades of use in them and continue to function as if they were brand new.

Here are 25 old items that continue to stand the test of time.


1. This Truck Out Lived Its Owner And Became A Family Legacy

2. My 100+ Year Old Weekly User.


u/schmisschmina- Thrifted this pan back in 2015, soaked in oven cleaner MANY many times to remove all the caked on crud all over. Then did many many layers of seasoning to get her nice and shiny again. Best pan in my arsenal. And she cost me $3 + some elbow grease.


3. Old Family Heirloom At Least 100 Years Old.


Forslyk- I posted same photos in another group but think it also fits in here. Old photo no. 1 is my great grandfather Svend around 1921 and no. 2 is me, at my youngest daughter’s room. Same piece of furniture kept in the family for at least 100 years. The original colour was white, then it was bright red for around 30 years untill l painted it lavender purple 8 years ago.


4. My mom’s crock pot that she got in January 1980 — 41 years old and it still works without any issues.

5. This Tonka dump truck I played with as a kid — I’m 24 now, and my nephew is still playing with it daily. Amazingly durable!

6. Our house still has all the original doorknobs from 1928!

7. (Bsa Motorcycle) Same Couple On The Same Motorbike In 1955 And 2015.


8. The Riddler Has Given Me Nearly 30 Years Of Quality Drinkware. I Still Use It To Sip On Some Bourbon Every Night. McDonald’s Just Doesn’t Make Things Like They Used To.

#9. My Grandpa’s 1965(Ish) Hp 21 Calculator.


10. My girlfriend uses this sewing machine to make masks. Her great-grandmother bought it new back in 1925. It still works perfectly.

#11. This General Electric fridge from 1942 at my friend’s house works perfectly!

12. This JC Penney hot air popcorn popper was purchased in 1980. Still going strong (I think it was made by Waring)!

13. 45 Year Old Radioclock My Mother Got In 1978 When She Was 12 Years Old, Still Used Everyday.

14. Braun Hl 1 – Stood On My Grandfathers Desk Running Daily Since The 70s. Now It’s Standing On My Desk?

15. Forklift I Saw Being Used. Owner Said Its From The Sixties.

16. My 1965 Gillette Slim Adjustable — built like a tank!


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17. This Juicit juicer from the late ’60s is a champ. Just made 5 quarts of juice!

18. Managed to score a Yrjö Kukkapuro office chair from the ’70s.

19. My son is using my Jansport I got 20 years ago to start middle school. Still looks brand new.

20. These are stainless steel measuring cups and spoons from Lee Valley Tools. My parents have been using theirs for 25 years and I’ve had my own set for about 10 years.

21. These Cross pens were my grandfather’s from the 1960s. He worked as a test failure analysis engineer for General Dynamics. These pens were used to try to win the space race, and now I use them every day as I work to follow in his footsteps.

22. 1935 Wedgewood With Everything Included

u/mrl1957- My grandfather got this off a friend in 1945 for 100$, the pepper shaker on top has been missing for 60 years but was found at an antique show completing the set. And it’s blue!


23. My 1950 O’keefe & Merritt Stove Still Works Like A Charm. I Call Her Christine

u/mugsimo- Originally built in the factory in Los Angeles, she came with the house we bought in California in the 90s. I had her totally refurbished in 2005.


24. My Son’s Teddy Bear. And Mine. And My Dad’s. And His Dad’s. Circa 1930s.

25. 53 Years Old And Runs Like A Top. They Don’t Make ‘Em Like This Anymore

What object in your home is older than you? Did you inherit it or buy it? Share your stories in the comments below.

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