17 Lessons Everyone Almost Instantly Learns After Starting College

Starting college is a thrilling experience—where textbooks become your new best friends, late-night study sessions become the norm, and sleep becomes a rare luxury. In this post, we’ll share 17 important lessons that every college freshman quickly learns once they arrive on campus. 


1. Find a professor that wants you to pass

If a professor says their class is really hard to pass, think about dropping it. They shouldn’t be proud of making things difficult to understand. You’re paying a lot for college, so look for a professor who wants to help you succeed.


2. Man/ woman of culture 

Your English professor walked into class, saw algebra on the board, and freaked out, yelling for an eraser before they passed out. Looks like math isn’t their thing.


3. Always nice to see improvement 

This student had a tough start in college, crying when she got a 68 on her first test. But later, when she got a 52 on another test, she didn’t get upset. Instead, she treated herself to chicken tenders. This shows how she learned to handle bad situations in a better way over time.


4. The sandwich guy

Looks like the sandwich guy got caught red-handed by the real professor! Guess he realized he was in the wrong place and made a quick exit.


5. Everyone’s a Genius Except for Your Group Project Buddies

6. Lost Freshman

7. College realities

This situation contrasts what high school teachers often say about professionalism in college with the reality of some college experiences. In high school, teachers emphasize the importance of professionalism and strictness expected in college. However, in college, the reality can be quite different.


8. Med school exhaustion 

In high school, this student had an incredibly busy and disciplined schedule: waking up at 6 am, attending classes for 7 hours, going directly to track practice to run 8 miles, and then doing homework without taking a nap. However, in medical school, the demands and exhaustion have reached a new level. Now, even simple tasks like taking a shower leave them feeling so tired that they need a nap.


9. Pulling all-nighters to study

@Sekakama: This actually happened to me back in the Uni. My homeboy couldn’t cope so he went to sleep while I was forcing myself on this econometrics questions, I realised I shudda follow my homeboy when I saw the result.


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10. I can’t even find the admin building

This student expressed her disbelief at how some people manage to find their soul mate so quickly in college. She pointed out that while others are forming deep romantic connections within the first two months, it took her four months just to locate the administration building.


11. Professor learned five valuable lessons in 20 mins

@acshreff: As a professor who grew up with black and white tv and phones attached to walls, I feel this guy’s pain. He cares. He’s trying. Cut him some slack (or even better, offer to help.


12. Philosophy professors 

My microeconomics teacher told us that a couple of years ago his apartment smelled terribly and that he thought that a critter had died inside the walls. It turns out that he hadn’t washed his bedsheets for months. ☹️


13. Professor Persona

This student is trying to describe two types of professors: one who is practically unreachable, and the other who responds lightning-fast but with minimal punctuation.


14. Priorities 

15. Perfect description for college 

16. Nobody cares

In college, nobody cares about your mistakes or if you need help finding your way. We’re all learning, so just enjoy the journey.


17. Prof is depressed 

@DannyAje: if a student misses class because he is depressed im sure the lecturer will give him shit


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