20 People Tweeted The Adult Realizations That Hit Them Hardest

As kids, we often assumed that our parents were frequently mistaken and that we knew better. We thought we had all the answers and that their rules and guidance were just obstacles to our independence. However, as we got older and experienced more of life’s challenges, their advice and nagging became more understandable. The lessons they tried to impart started to make sense, and we began to see the wisdom in their words. What once seemed like unnecessary interference now appears as valuable guidance born from experience. Discussions on Twitter have led many people to share the small realizations that became clear with age. In this post, 25 people share their eye-opening moments on Twitter. Take a look and see if you can relate to what they have shared.

1. Everyone that’s “friendly” isn’t your friend

As we grow older, we often realize that not everyone who appears friendly or kind is genuinely our friend. This realization hits many adults because it challenges the assumption that everyone who is nice to us is automatically a friend. It teaches us the importance of distinguishing between true friends and mere acquaintances or people who are friendly on the surface but may not have our best interests at heart.


2. Mama cooking dinner for 5 people everyday

Realizing how tough it is for our mom to cook for all of us every day taught us that being an adult means understanding the effort behind everyday tasks and appreciating those who do them.


3. Pee/poop before you leave the house

As we get older, we realize the importance of tending to our basic needs, such as using the bathroom, before leaving home. This reflects a growing awareness of self-care and responsibility that accompanies adulthood. It’s about being proactive and prioritizing our own well-being and comfort, a realization that becomes more evident as we mature.


4. Authenticity is hard to come by

5. Being angry when people leave the lights on

6.  It’s okay to break “family traditions”

As you get older, you learn it’s okay to do things differently from your family’s usual way. Growing up helps you see that it’s important to make choices based on what you believe in, not just follow tradition because you feel you have to.


7. Accepting that people make mistakes

As we grow older, we realize that even those who care about us can sometimes cause us pain. Just because someone loves us doesn’t mean they’re flawless. We come to understand that making mistakes is part of being human. What matters more are the patterns of behavior over time and the willingness to change for the better.


8. Folks driving too damn fast

@MsKeithaSoSassy: My old ass: damn slow down this a residence 😭


9. The reality


10. Leisurely walks 

As we age, we realize the importance of staying active and taking care of our physical and mental health, and leisurely walks are a simple and enjoyable way to achieve these goals.


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11. Mom Was Right

This reflects the realization that as we grow older, we realize the wisdom in our mother’s advice and teachings. We come to understand that many of the lessons and values she taught us are valuable and relevant to our lives. This understanding often happens when we face similar situations or challenges that our mothers had warned us about. As a result, we appreciate the insight and guidance they provided us with.


12. I should have bought a house

13. Tackling Adulthood

This shows that as we get older, we start to understand the responsibilities and challenges of being an adult. We see that handling money, balancing work and personal life, making big decisions, and dealing with different tasks can make us tired and stressed. We realize this more as we become adults and face the demands of living independently.


14. The Last Dish Dilemma

@kbrowneyedgrl: completely agree!!  who in their right mind would think it’s okay to do that when the rest of the kitchen looks great!!  i hear ya!!  and so do the people i live with!  haha

@__AudI_c: Yup! Use to think as a teenager “ it’s one fork “ but no it’s inconsiderate and lazy lmao I see why my mother use to get so upset 🤣


15. Every penny counts

You will start to understand why your dad would get upset about leaving all the lights on in the house. You realize the importance of saving money. You begin to appreciate that even small actions, like turning off lights when they’re not needed, can make a difference in the long run.


16. Turn it Down for What?

17. Some dishes need to soak

18. The ideal kitchen cleanup

Later on, many of us come to understand the importance of putting away the dishes to truly consider the kitchen clean. We realize that a clean kitchen involves more than just washing the dishes; it also requires tidying up and returning everything to its proper place.


19. Just do what you want 

As you grow older, you realize that most of the time, people aren’t really paying close attention to you beyond their initial impressions. This realization dawns upon you as you understand that people are often preoccupied with their own thoughts and concerns. Therefore, you learn that it’s okay to prioritize your own desires and interests without worrying too much about what others may think.


20. Prioritizing what truly matters

As you come to maturity, you come to realize that many things in life aren’t as important as they initially appear. This understanding leads you to recognize that not everything deserves your time, energy, or emotional investment. You learn to prioritize what truly matters to you and focus on your well-being and happiness. This shift in mindset allows you to let go of unnecessary stress or drama and concentrate on what brings you positivity and fulfillment.

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