18 Funny Tweets From Parents Who Couldn’t Get The Kids To Do Their Chores

Parenting is a wild ride with lots of sweet moments, sleepless nights, and battles of wills. One of the biggest struggles for parents everywhere is getting kids to do their chores. From negotiating with little ones to using clever tricks, parents have many ways to try to get their kids to clean up. Luckily, many parents share their funny experiences on Twitter, making us laugh and feel less alone. In this blog post, we’ve collected 18 of the funniest tweets from parents who just couldn’t get their kids to do their chores.

So grab your coffee (or something stronger) and Get ready to laugh as you read these relatable and hilarious moments from fellow parents.

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1. Now you gotta question everything

@DracoBarbatus added: It is funny when your parents break out the secrets when you get older. It’s also funny how much we are like our parents even though we grow up saying we won’t be. I’m reminded all the time that I’m just like my dad, lol


2. What an unusual name

Let’s just say, the Roomba is currently the star of the family. I love it! Now – take the Roomba to the beach and leave the kids. Give the Roomba an allowance, but not the kids. I think you have a great handle here…


3. Never underestimate the memory of a kid

@garonnevik added: Me: now that all your younger brothers have cleaned up everything of theirs in your bedroom, can you clean your part today? I know how you like the little kids to lead the way for you, and set a good example.

Son: that sounds really sarcastic.

Me: It’s special just for you.


4. When reality kicks in

@JediDave74 added: Pretty much, but as you get older you get to do more chores and pay for everything too. lol


5. Those are great negotiating skills

6. You can have my fun for me

@Rita_2110: 😁 exactly what I want to tell ppl when they insist exercising/walking/jogging/gyming is such fun…”go have my fun for me”.


7. That list is always on her mind

@nottheworstmom added: We always have a running list of “Shit to do” on hand. 


8. Empty promises 

Promises so empty, you could store them in the garage with all the other stuff we never use!


9. Sometimes fairy tales come true, though

@ericamorecambe replied: And they usual have us fairy godmothers helping out


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10. Smart mama 

@cheeky_brit replied: Life lesson: read before you sign 😂😂😂❤️


11. Took me this long to realize how I can control the universe 

@hilarymeggin added: It’s best if you persuade then that the WiFi turns off automatically when the house gets dirty and turns back on automatically when they get it clean enough. Cut out the middleman.


12. First rate tactic 

@pinrax added: I’ve hid in the closet so I didn’t have to cook. Took a while before they found me.


13. Laminate that shit for next time

@6LYxa4Ø69jVa4MK: My son is too lazy to erase or write.. He just ignores responsibilities 😁😁


14. I’m just a kid

15. My kid got so bored he asked to do chore

@EnglishMossop replied: Whenever our kids complain that they’re bored we give them a chore to do. They don’t complain that they’re bored much now.


16. Check the trash can

@_TomHoward added: Laundry duty until clothes re-appear. Only he has the ability to activate the clothes portal in the machines.


17. Chore- get a job 

@composedbyjen: My 14 yo son asked me to buy him a snowblower so he could “start a business” doing snow removal for neighbors. Me: I like your initiative with MY money but you have no consistent job or credit score, so the Bank of Mom and Dad view you as a credit risk. Here’s a shovel. Bye.


18. The math checks out

@Dad_At_Law: Go for it. They are fierce. Dues payable in Goldfish crackers & Caprisun. 😎🤣🤙🏻

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