Bawi-fi: Everything You Should Know


Most airlines offer in-flight wifi services for passengers. This is a service that allows passengers on the flight to have access to the interconnect while on air.

British Airways is one airline that offers these services to its passengers but at an extra cost. Passengers using this service can access the internet from any location while on air.

In this article, we provide answers to many questions you may want to ask about BAWA-FI, the features of bawi-fi, how to get connected to bawi-fi, pricing, and several frequently asked questions.

What is BAWI-FI?

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Bawi-fi is the wifi name for the British Airways wifi service. It is an in-flight service that allows passengers onboard to stay connected to the internet and connect with friends and loved ones while on air.

Since it is an extra service provided by British Airways, passengers have to pay to use the service.

Features of the British Airways Wifi (BAWA-FI)

Below are the things to expect from the British Airway WiFi.

You can connect to the wifi right away once you have made a payment for your subscription. One device at once and per flight.

Subscriptions can be paid in a currency of choice (pounds, dollars, euros, etc.), but they vary by conversion rates.

You can only connect to the wifi when the aircraft is over 10,000 feet, which should be about 10 minutes after takeoff.

First-class passengers are not charged any cost, as it is free.

You can do a lot on the internet with the wifi, including browsing the internet, sending and receiving emails, instant and direct messaging, watching videos, and playing games online.

How to connect to British Airways WiFi

  • Connecting to British Airway WiFi is very easy and fast. Follow the below steps on how to connect to Bawi-Fi.
  • The first thing you need to do is put your phone in flight mode to connect to the Bluetooth WiFi network.
  • Also, turn wifi on your device.
  • Next, open your browser and navigate to
  • Click to pay for bawi-fi service.
  • Select your preferred plan and make payment with your card or any other preferred means you would like to pay with.

How much does it cost to use Bawi-fi?

The British Airways WiFi is actually in different package categories but also varies depending on time, the type of airplane, and the distance, whether short-haul or long-haul.

For short hauls by time

If you are traveling a short distance using a short-haul flight, the cost of the wifi services is as follows:

To browse and stream for 1 hour and 4.99 pounds

For instant messaging, it – 1.99 pounds or 2.99 pounds, depending on the distance.

To browse and stream all through the journey, it takes 4.99 pounds to 9.99 pounds, depending on the distance.

Long-haul by time

To connect to the wifi service on long hauls with an exemption of A350 and 787-10, the service is free if your ticket is first class; otherwise, you pay the following to use the service:

To browse for:

  • 1 hour, 4.99 pounds
  • 4 hours, 10.99 pounds
  • Whole flight distance: 14.99 pounds

To stream for 1 hour:

  • 1 hour, 7.99 pounds
  • 4 hours, 17.99 pounds
  • Whole flight distance: 23.99 pounds

Long-haul data usage

  • Aircraft A350 and 787-10 offer this service due to some present systems.
  • 4.99 pounds (25 mb)
  •  11.99 pounds (75 mb)
  •  17.99 pounds (150 mb).

BAWI-FI Subscription

Generally, British Airways offers two wifi packages:

1. Pay-as-you-go

The pay-as-you-go package is a bawi-fi subscription package you pay per the duration used on the wifi, meaning you pay what you use exactly.

  • 1 hour, 3.99 pounds
  • 4 hours, 7.99 pounds
  • 24 hours, 11.99 pounds

2. Monthly subscription

A monthly subscription to Bawi-Fi is a package that expires a month after purchase. This means that you can still use the package on your return flight as long as it does not exceed a month.

1 month, 19.99 pounds.


Where can I buy Bawi-fi subscriptions?

To purchase any of the Bawi-Fi subscription packages, simply enter on your browser, check the packages, select your chosen package, and make payments.

How do I purchase a BAWI-FI subscription?

To pay for the wifi, you will need to select the package on their website, enter your credit card details, and make the payment.

If you have an Air account, you can save your card information so you don’t have to input your card details every time you want to purchase the service.

Is British Airways wifi-free?

No, it is not, but for first-class passengers, it comes at no cost at all.

What can I do with Bawi-Fi?

There are a lot of things you can use the in-flight wifi for, including streaming music, watching online videos, instant and direct messaging, Facebook, Instagram, X, Snapchat, and other social media, as well as browsing information online.

Can I watch Netflix on British Airways wifi?

Of course, Netflix works well with the wifi, and you can stream as much as you want with your device—your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Which of the BA flights have wifi?

Short hauls: You can use bawi-fi service on the following aircraft:

  • A319
  • A320
  • A321

Long hauls: You can use the bawi-fi service on the following aircraft:

  • A350-1000
  • A380
  • Boeing 747
  • Boeing 777
  • 787–8
  • 787–9
  • 787-10

Bottom line

The British Airways WiFi service is aimed at making passengers stay connected to the internet, get entertained, and do some other online-related things even while on air.

While most passengers have to pay to use this wifi service, passengers on first-class tickets get to use it for free.

You can use it to browse the internet, watch videos and play mobile games online, connect on social media, and do a lot of other internet stuff.

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