Does British Airways offer WiFi? What You Should Know


Does British Airways offer WiFi? In this digital age of the internet, wifi is now a normal thing to find everywhere around humans, both in public and private places. It has become so important that people feel that any place where wifi cannot be found is uninhabitable.

For the average person in the world, the internet has been our everyday go-to to get information, shop, do business, listen to music, watch our favorite movies and shows at our leisure, and perform many other everyday activities.

These have now become part of our everyday necessities because the mobile data from the wifi is the fuel that helps us stay connected to the internet.

The internet is an everyday basic necessity for an average person, which has made the question of whether the place around has access to the wifi a valid one.

This place includes the air. When you plan to travel by air, especially long-distance air travel, knowing if the airline you plan to use offers wifi for the flight is as important as getting to the destination itself.

If you are planning to fly British Airways when you are traveling by air, we have got you covered on everything you need to know about its wifi package.

Does British Airways Offer WiFi?

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Yes! British Airways offers wifi for most of its long- and short-haul flights. It offers one of the most advanced in-flight WiFi services on its flights.

Though wifi service is not free for all of its customers, it offers free wifi service for its first-class customers. The prices vary depending on the in-flight wifi packages you are willing to buy.

It is also important to know that not all British Airways aircraft are connected to WiFi. But wifi is installed in all of its new and refurbished aircraft.

Is there WiFi on British Airways?

Yes! British Airlines offers wifi packages tailored to passengers’ needs and satisfaction. Here are the two major packages it offers:

1. Messaging package

This package allows you to use different messaging apps, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, and many more, to stay connected with family, friends, and colleagues while on the flight.

2. Browsing and streaming packages

This Wi-Fi package offered by British Airways allows you to perform many data-consuming tasks on the internet, such as high-quality video streaming and music streaming and even allows you to do some office and business tasks that require internet connectivity.

How much does British Airways offer for wifi?

British airlines offer wifi at different costs. The cost varies depending on whether a long or short haul is traveled and the package purchased by the passenger.

We will divide the pricing into two categories while also considering the two major packages:


If you are flying on a long-haul flight, the price depends on the number of hours you will spend on the flight. Prices are as follows:

  • For a messaging package: £4. 99–14.99 pounds
  • For browsing and streaming packages: £7.99–£23.99.


Wifi packages for short-haul flights on British Airways depend on the flight distance.

  • For the messaging package: £1.99–£2.99 pounds
  • For browsing and streaming packages: £4.99–9.99 pounds

3. British Airways WiFi Speed

Considering the challenges of using wifi on an aircraft and the regulations put in place before one can use onboard wifi service, British Airways still has considerably good wifi speed.

Even though it might be slow when compared to the ones you use at home, rest assured that its wifi services will well serve all your on-board internet needs.

Speed also depends on the number of passengers using the wifi during the flight because the total bandwidth is shared between all passengers. Your wifi speed will also be determined by the wifi package you are using.

How to get connected to British airways WiFi

The British Airways wifi services get activated at an altitude of 10,000 ft. Follow the step-by-step process to stay connected to the wifi.

  • Enable your device’s WiFi at 10,000 feet altitude.
  • Go to your device’s wifi settings to turn on the wifi, and wait a few seconds for your device to get the available wifi network.
  • Select and connect to BAWi-Fi.
  • Once it is connected, go to your device browser and head over to to purchase the wifi package of your choice.

For first-class customers, you can head over to the reward section to provide your details. You will be asked to provide your seat assignment and last name to verify if you are sitting in first class.

It is important to note that the British Airways in-flight wifi can only be connected to one device and cannot be switched to another device, in case you have more than one device.

It is advisable to choose wisely the device you want to use to access the internet before connecting.


British Airways has shown commitment to its services by making sure that it not only takes passengers to their destinations but also helps them stay connected to the internet while doing so.

Even though onboard wifi services come with challenges, British Airways has always shown its commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction amidst its challenges.

Remember that British Airways does not offer wifi service on all of its aircraft. It is important to know the aircraft information before boarding if you will be using an on-Wifi service.

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