This French Artist Created 11 Beautiful Illustrations Of Ancient Egyptian Gods And Goddesses

Yliade, a talented French freelance illustrator, has always been drawn to the magic of art. This year, she embarked on a remarkable journey, challenging herself to reimagine the pantheon of ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses in her unique style. Through her illustrations, she brings these timeless deities to life, capturing their essence, symbolism, and significance. Here is the first series about some Old Egyptian gods. 


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1. Bastet – Goddess of Domesticity, Women’s Secrets, Cats, and Fertility

Bastet, often depicted with the head of a lioness or a domestic cat, embodies the nurturing aspects of femininity. She safeguards homes, women, and fertility, while her feline form symbolizes grace, independence, and mystery.


2. Nut – Goddess of the Night-Time Sky and All Heavenly Bodies

Nut, the celestial goddess, arches over the world, her body forming the star-studded sky. She cradles the sun during the day and births it anew each morning. Her presence connects earthly existence to the cosmic realm.


3. Isis – Goddess of Magic, Marriage, Healing, and Protection

Isis, the revered mother goddess, wields powerful magic. She heals the sick, protects the vulnerable, and guides souls through the afterlife. Her love for Osiris and her unwavering devotion exemplify the strength of maternal bonds.

4. Anubis – God of Death, Embalming, Funerals, and Morning Ceremonies

Anubis, with the head of a jackal, presides over the passage from life to death. His role in embalming and guiding souls ensures a smooth transition to the underworld. His vigilance during morning ceremonies ensures cosmic balance.

5. Serqet – Goddess of Scorpions, Healing Venomous Stings, and Bites

Serqet, the protective deity, guards against venomous creatures. She also possesses the power to heal those bitten or stung. Her dual nature reflects both danger and salvation.


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6. Seth – God of Chaos, Change, Deserts, Storms, and Foreigners

Seth, often portrayed as a chaotic force, represents the untamed wilderness. His storms reshape the land, and his unpredictability mirrors the shifting sands of the desert.

7. Thoth – Scribe God of Time, Knowledge, the Moon, and Wisdom

Thoth, the ibis-headed scribe, records the unfolding universe. His wisdom encompasses time, lunar cycles, and esoteric knowledge. He bridges the mundane and the mystical.

8. Sobek – Crocodile God of the Nile, Strength, and Power

Sobek, fierce and primal, embodies the Nile’s life-giving waters. His crocodile form symbolizes both strength and the river’s unpredictable currents.

9. Sekhmet – Goddess of Lions, Fire, and Vengeance

Sekhmet, lioness-headed and fiery, is both protector and avenger. Her wrath can be devastating, yet she also brings healing and renewal.

10. Anubis – God Of Death (Ii)

Anubis reappears, emphasizing his central role in the Egyptian pantheon. His unwavering commitment to guiding souls remains unyielding.

11. Ra – God of the Sun and Creation

Ra, the radiant sun god, illuminates the cosmos. His daily journey across the sky brings light, warmth, and life. His creative force shapes existence itself.


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