18 Unexpected And Heartwarming Encounters Between Wildlife And People

In a world filled with news about conflict and division, nature gives us a break with its simple, pure moments of connection. Encounters between wildlife and humans are especially touching and uplifting. These moments remind us that we share our planet with amazing and mysterious creatures.

Get ready for a collection of photos that will make you say “aww” as you see people’s surprising and touching encounters with nature.

These photos, gathered from all over the internet shows the magical moments when humans and the natural world come together in delightful ways. Scroll down to see some heartwarming encounters between wildlife and people.


1. This Little Guy Started Hanging Around My Brother While He Was Working On A Car. I Believe It’s An American Kestrel. Which Means My Brother Made Friends With A Falcon

kestrelkat: It is a male kestrel! North America’s smallest falcon and my personal favorite. They’re spunky little guys, they normally eat insects like grasshoppers and small rodents but I’ve seen them take prey about as big as they are. I’m very jealous of your brother, I’ve always wanted to hold one!

2. Mountain Lions Moving Back Into Boulder During Lockdown

Pandepon: I didn’t know they moved in groups, always thought they stayed to themselves unless it was a mom and cubs.

Looks like they’re forming gangs.

3. Friend’s Mom Nearly Had A Heart Attack When She Looked Out The Back Window This Morning

revenantae: Just appreciating the view of his AirB&B.

4. So This Happened To Me Today

RAbites: Chickadees are such curious and friendly little birds. I had one a couple of years ago that liked to sit on my sun hat when I was tending my flowers.

5. The Stray Cat I’m Feeding Has Made Friends With A Hedgehog

Farnzy: I’d watch that

6. Surprise Snoozing Seal Pup


7. The Wife Opened The Back Door And Immediately Gasped, Then Shut It. A Little Guy Had Been Stashed There By His Mommy For About 10 Hours Before She Came Back And Got Him

The.Butterfly.Effect.530: Deers will often do this, hide their fawns and then return to collect them. If you ever find one leave it. If the mother does not return during the day then call an animal rescue. Offer water, not food. (This goes for all animals in need of rescue.)

8. My Friend’s Dad Found A Crab Holding A Donatello PEZ Dispenser

Willowy: He’s offering up a bribe to let him go! Please say he threw him back!

9. This Lizard Lives In My Birdhouse

The_One_Who_Meeps added: I bet he’s got a mini-fridge up in there, and he’s leeching power off of my house. I should probably charge him some rent.

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10. Albino Deer I Spotted Walking Into Work Last Week

eyeball29: Where does it work? 

11. Mom Had A Stranger On Her Deck This Morning

Snaker12: He’s hiding, it’s hunting season.

12. Two Baby Bears On My Grandparents’ Deck

Other_Zucchini _9637:  I love how most ferocious species have adorable offspring.

13. The Neighborhood Fox And Her Kits Are Living Under My Front Deck Right Now

Anxiousguest: Mom looks like saying “do you see what I’m dealing with on daily basis??!!”

14. Found This Angry Unit In The Wild At Work Today. Wanted To Have A Piece Of Me Every Time I Walked Past The Tree

15. Christmas Eve Visitor

GameUnionTV: You are chosen, go save Santa.

16. Echidna We Rescued At Work.

This Little Guy Got Stuck In The Bottom Of A Shallow Mineshaft. We Could Only See His Little Spikes Sticking Out Of The Dirt. It took us about 30 minutes to get him out because he could burrow faster than we could dig. However, we managed to relocate him to a safer spot.

17. Saw A Blonde Squirrel At The Park Yesterday

18. Capybaras Invaded My Garden

Caffeinated_Hangover: I’m sorry to say, but that is no longer your garden.

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