British Airways: How Early to Arrive


Early arrival at the airport long before departure time is very important if you don’t want to miss your flight. Airlines are very strict with time, and there is no waiting for anybody, so it’s important that you arrive early enough.

To get onboard, you need to run some checks at the terminal and security sections. Traveling itself can be stressful, regardless of the means used. Flight travel works strictly with time, and the British airways are no exception.

In this article, we will discuss with British Airways how early to arrive and why it is important that you arrive early at the airport.

Why is it important that you arrive early?

The benefits that come with arriving for your British Airways flights are many. First, it allows you lots of time to check in, move your luggage, and go through security checks. It means you wouldn’t have to worry about missing your flight or rushing things.

Additionally, when you arrive early at the airport, you do have plenty of time to relax and explore the different facilities at the airport, such as the restaurants, shops and lounge. In case of any unexpectancy or you forget something, you will have enough time to fix it or get it, so the benefits are many.

British Airways: how early to arrive

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Generally, it is advised that passengers arrive two hours before departure time for domestic flights and at least three hours for international flights. If you are flying during holiday seasons or with kids or elderly people, it is even advised that you arrive earlier to avoid issues or delays of any sort.

For boarding, British airlines often advise that families with toddlers and young children arrive early before departure. This is because those families are allowed onboard before others.

Arriving early will give them enough time to load push chairs in the hold. The onboarding gate number is displayed on the airport screens at least an hour before departure. It is also published on your boarding pass and the British Airways mobile app. It is, however, important that you don’t arrive late at the gate, because if you do, you won’t be allowed onboard.

7 things to do while you arrive early for a British Airways flight

What do I do at the airport while I wait for my flight? It is common for people to ask this question, especially early-comers.

Actually, in addition to the benefits that come with arriving early, there are several things you can do while you wait for departure time. These things can make your travel even more fun and enjoyable.

1. Check in at the terminal

The very first thing that is expected of you once you arrive at the airport for your flight is check-in for your flight and the dropping of your luggage. This will definitely save you enough time and avoid the long queues.

2. Relax and have fun in the lounge

Most airports have lounges where you can relax as you wait for your flight. For just a small fee, you can get food and drinks and enjoy the free wifi at the airport while you wait.

3. Explore the facilities at the airport

Airports in most developed countries are equipped with lots of things you can explore, such as restaurants, shops, TVs, indoor sports facilities, and many other amenities to explore. You don’t have to reach your location to start your vacation; you can start from the airport.

4. Stay hydrated

Hydration is important for a flight journey, especially for long-distance travel. Get water and keep hydrated while you wait.

5. Charge your device

Most airports are equipped with charging stations, so if your battery is low, you can take advantage of that opportunity and get it charged before your flight arrives.

6. Play games

Waiting can get boring sometimes; getting something to keep you busy is the best way to waste time. If you have mobile games on your phone, you can play them to stay busy until your departure time.

7. Plan ahead

Arriving early enough gives you enough time to check your documents, like passports, passes, and any other essential documents. You get to make sure everything you need for the flight is okay and with you. It will also help you avoid last-minute stress and issues.

Bottom line

British airways and most other airways adhere strictly to time. Arriving early enough is essential for a stress-free travel experience. When you arrive at least two hours before departure time, you do have enough time to go through check-in, relax, and wait for your flight. It also allows you time to drop off your luggage for heavy travel, go through security, and make use of several facilities at the airport.

Above these reasons, it’s right that you are punctual to any kind of function to save yourself from last-minute stress and mistakes that may come up unexpectedly.


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