Easiest Way To Travel To Australia From Nigeria: Flight Options, Airlines and Visa Requirements


Air travel is definitely the quickest way to get from Nigeria to Australia and unless you can afford a private jet, you will have to fly on a commercial plane. Australia is catered to by several top international airlines like British Airways, Air New Zealand, and United Airlines, as well as various national carriers. The main Australian airlines are Qantas, Jetstar, and Virgin Australia. The most heavily used and best-equipped route in Australia is the golden triangle linking Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

When you are looking at flights to Australia, you will likely be flying into Sydney, and this course runs from Sydney to many Southeast Asian countries, to parts of the Middle East, Europe, and to the west coast of the USA. If you’re not already in a country which offers direct flights to Australia, you will need to find out which airlines service your country and which Australian cities have direct flights from there, as this will save you a lot of time.

In this article, we will discuss the easiest way to travel to Australia from Nigeria, the visa requirements, flight options and many more, so let’s proceed!

What Is The Easiest Way To Travel To Australia From Nigeria?

Flight Options

1. Direct flights

After finding a perfect date for your flight to Australia, it may be difficult to find an ideal flight as there are no direct flights from Nigeria to Australia. However, a handful of international airlines provide convenient one-stop flights to cities throughout Australia. The most common routes from Nigeria to Australia are to Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, with stopovers in Asia or the Middle East, depending on the airline.

The easiest way to find which airlines have flights to Australia from Nigeria is to contact a travel agent, either in person through the large number of travel agencies throughout Nigeria or online. If you’re traveling to Australia to study, it may be useful to contact an agency which specializes in student travel to ensure that you can get a flight to Australia, especially if you are traveling during the peak period in late February/early March.

2. Connecting Flights

The flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates, Emirates (EK), serves Nigeria with various destinations across the globe. Passengers are offered a selection of seven destination cities in Australia connected by flights with Emirates from Nigeria via Dubai. Departure points from Nigeria include Lagos, Kano, and Abuja.

Emirates has the broadest randomized selection of Australian flight deals from Nigeria as a result of their centrally located hub. Nigerians are able to easily travel through Dubai Airport to an arranged destination with ideal flight times.

Emirates is considered a luxury airline and is regularly the default option for business travelers or those with a high comfort emphasis. The essential reason for this is that Emirates has the newest aircraft in its fleet thanks to massive orders of Boeing 777s and the mammoth A380. The quality level of service and the Dubai stopover spare the longest of the flight times to Australia.

Although Emirates ticket prices are generally the most expensive, sales or short-term third-party bargains can yield competitive prices. Dubai, being Emirates’ hub, is additionally a major tourist destination, and often many Nigerians will opt for a few-day stopover or short stay in Dubai before continuing on to Australia.

Airlines To Consider When Traveling To Australia From Nigeria

1. Emirates Airways

Emirates Airways is one of the services that provides air travel from Nigeria to Australia. Emirates Airways was set up in 1985 and with a fleet of more than 240 aircraft, the airline’s services now circle the globe, covering six continents with 153 destinations while offering first- and business-class travelers exclusive chauffeur-driven airport transfers at both ends of their flight.

2. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways also provides air travel services from Nigeria to Australia and the main reason why you should consider choosing Qatar Airways is that they offer the fastest route from Nigeria to Australia.

Choosing a flight with a short travel time incredibly reduces stressful airport waits and cuts time spent on overall travel. After already experiencing over 24 hours of travel from Lagos to Sydney with another airline, it would definitely be worth paying slightly more to reduce the trip to 21 hours, which includes only a 3-hour wait for a connecting flight in Doha, for the outbound travel.

3. Ethiopian Airline

The Ethiopian airline has several advantages over other airline companies in terms of flight schedules, particularly from Nigeria to Australia. It operates its flights twice a day from Lagos, with a daily connection to Sydney. This enables individuals who need to fly from Nigeria to Australia to easily make the connection within one day. By doing this, the airline intends to reduce the entire travel time between Nigeria and Australia, as well as offer the best available planned flights for the Nigeria and Australia market.

Due to the best flight schedules available, whatever the reason of travel is (returning home to Australia, visiting family, friends, relocating, or traveling around the world), the vast flight network that has been arranged offers customers the best alternatives to reach their destination with the best possible connection within one day and minimum travel duration.

Visa Requirements For Traveling To Australia From Nigeria

If you’re traveling to Australia from Nigeria, the first thing on your checklist should be a valid Nigerian passport. All travelers, except New Zealand citizens, must obtain a visa or travel authority before traveling to Australia. This should be done before leaving Nigeria, as it may take some time and the visa must be obtained outside of Australia. Let’s now go into details

  • Visa Application Form

Form 1419 can be filled out online or obtained from a travel agent or the Australian Visa Office. Visa applicants should not make any payments until advised by the visa office. Charges are non-refundable and processing time can vary. Visa application charges can be paid by cash at the Australian Visa Office in Abuja or Lagos once Case officers advise the applicant of the decision. Requirements, charges, and processing times are likely to alter.

Visa applicants and accompanying family members will be informed of the result of the application in writing. If the application is successful, the visa notice letters will include the relevant details and the successful date of the visa, including the entry date. Visa applicants should ensure that they enter the country by the entry date on their visa for which they have applied

  • Required Documents

You must present your Nigerian passport, two recent passport photos, and one Form 1419 Application for Visitor Visa, all of which must be notarized. A letter of invitation with the individual’s complete contact information is required for your visit. If you plan to request a sponsored family visitor visa, you must also submit some form of identification from the person sponsoring you.

You will also have to provide evidence of your financial status through several documents. If you have a job, you must supply a letter from your employer granting permission to take time off, detailing your earnings, and indicating your start date. You must also provide an authenticated copy of your latest bank statement, displaying your name and the existing balance in detail. If you work for yourself, you must submit your tax documents and an official copy of your business/ABN reference certificate.

If you are a student, you must submit a unique letter from your school confirming the duration of your enrollment, present standing, and authorized vacation duration. If you are currently working, you must also submit a letter from your parents confirming their financial support for you and a verified copy of their latest bank statement, which must clearly display their name and the balance. If you are not working and your parents are financing your living expenses, you must submit a letter from your parents confirming their financial support and a verified copy of their latest bank statement, which clearly displays their name and the existing balance.

  • Health Requirements

Traveling internationally presents various risks and difficulties so to make sure you and your healthcare provider are ready, it is crucial to assess potential risks when organizing a journey. Vaccines can help reduce numerous risks associated with traveling.

It is a good idea to verify the vaccination and visa requirements for each country you intend to visit, as some countries may require vaccines before entry. Additionally, for precise and current information, reach out to a healthcare provider or travel clinic around 6–8 weeks before your trip. This happens due to various factors determining the necessary vaccinations, like the traveler’s current health, type of work, duration of stay, and accommodation during the trip abroad.

Most travelers from Nigeria visiting Australia only need to have a Yellow Fever vaccine as mandated by International Health Regulations. Nevertheless, in Nigeria, Yellow Fever is not considered a threat at the moment, meaning that only tourists arriving in Australia within 6 days of traveling through a Yellow Fever-risk country will require vaccination.

COVID-19 vaccination may also be required alongside medical checks and fitness-to-travel assessments.

In finding the easiest way to travel to Australia from Nigeria, Choosing the right flight is crucial, but there are so many airlines offering flights from Nigeria to Australia. Which one is the best for you? The cheapest one? The quickest one? The one with the best in-flight entertainment? All are legitimate reasons for choosing a flight; it just really depends on what is most important to you.

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