15 Hilariously Relatable Memes For Anyone Raising Kids

Raising kids is a journey filled with love, joy, and countless unforgettable moments. But let’s be honest: it’s also a wild ride of unexpected chaos, endless questions, and a constant test of patience. In the midst of it all, sometimes the best way to cope is to laugh. That’s where memes come in. Memes capture the universal truths of parenting in a way that words alone often can’t. Whether you’re an experienced parent or just starting out, laughter is essential. Memes are a great way to find humor in the chaos. These funny memes will surely bring a smile to your face. 

Introducing a Facebook page dedicated to parenting memes aptly named “Parenting Memes.” Dive in and enjoy some of the finest memes that celebrate the joys and challenges of parenthood.



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Ashlisha: As someone who just found the correct color of wall paint and finally got that area touched up. I can concur.



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@Rebecca Saunders: My go to phrase when my son decides to over react is “but did you die”

They get over it soon enough.



@DLauro: At least he asked instead of just using your embalmed finger to unlock the phone.



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Madre_Dr4gnZFly: The “Mother’s Curse”: “I hope you have a child just like you when you grow up!”.



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Aerial (Any pronouns/Canadian/Jewish): My mom got me reading quickly by putting on Sailor Moon with subtitles. It worked, and now I read very fast! I really loved Sailor Moon and I was GOING to understand it.



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Parenting skill level – expert



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Geoffrey Scott:
Had(18 mo) grandson stay with us recently. Walking around with hands clasped behind his back as if he was the inspector, giving stink eye…head down eyes looking up. What a nut



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@Carmen Miron: … particularly when I call out “business call!” before I pick up the call..😫


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Andrew Read:
I thought it was a platyphant…



Michelle: Me and my friends used to play under the hospital which was raised off the ground and had dripping pipes with puddles of who knows what…ah, good times.



Brenda: Late hubby used to ask (under his breath) “What did we get them?”.



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Feathered Dinosaur: First a), then b) obviously

Catpawsarethebest: All the people saying A first dont have kids. Its not everyday you kid gets (almost) eaten by a camel. You need this pic for the future, to bring up at their wedding. Or just to laugh at… 😂 (dont worry I would save my kid of course).



Almost sunny: Tag you’re it



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@Emotion Activities For Kids: 😂😂 or when people without kids say “when I have kids, they won’t ever do that!”



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@Terilee Bruyere: My son is so literal minded he would explain to me why that couldn’t possibly happen 🤣

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