How To Travel To Canada From Nigeria For Free: 3 Legit Ways


Canada’s appeal as a land of opportunities is no secret to Nigerians pursuing a brighter future. With a thriving economy, stable politics, top-tier healthcare, and a renowned education system, it’s no wonder that more Nigerians are choosing Canada as their new home.

In this article, we delve into the diverse means through which Nigerians wishing to travel to Canada for free and with reduced cost can go about it.

Pick up your writing materials and note down important points as we delve into them.

How To Travel To Canada From Nigeria For Free: 3 Ways You Can Travel To Canada From Nigeria For Free

1. New Brunswick Critical Worker Program

This program was launched on November 7th, 2022, by the province of New Brunswick.  New Brunswick is one of the 4 Atlantic provinces in Canada.

Its official languages are English and French. Brunswick Province has a really low population, hence the reason for this program.

From the name, you should have been able to smartly deduce that the government of Canada is in search of more people to fill up and occupy the province.

New Brunswick critical worker program is a 5-year pilot program, This just means that if you get a work permit for this program, you will be getting a 5-year work permit that will allow you to come into Canada and work for five years.

If you can go to Canada and work for one year,  you will qualify under the Canadian experience class, and then you can apply for permanent residence. Your family can also apply for permanent residence. Your spouse can get an open work permit and your children can get study permits.

Under this program, the government of Canada has selected six employers that can recruit foreign workers from outside of Canada.

They include the following:

  • Cooke Aquaculture:

This company is a very big and legal one, known for marine farming and seafood products, and they are very popular in the whole of North America. This is one of the companies that the government of Canada has selected under this program to recruit foreign workers into Canada.

  • JD Irving:

Another company that the government of Canada has selected to be responsible for the recruitment of foreign workers is J.D. Irving. They are a big and well-recognized company in agriculture,  construction,  logistics, transportation,  retail and distribution. This company will offer you settlement services when you get a job with them.

  • Groupe Savoie:

This company is into hardwood components—anything that has to do with timber and wood. They will offer you settlement services if and when you get a job with them.

  • Groupe Westco:

This is a company in New Brunswick province that is into poultry farming and anything that has to do with chicken, livestock, turkey,  eggs, meat, etc.

They have been selected by the government of Canada to create foreign recruitment.

  • Imperial Manufacturing Group:

They are into metal and plastic heating, air conditioning,  ventilation and building.  They are big, vast, strong, and competent.

  • McCain Foods:

They are into French fries and potato specialties (fresh and frozen). They are well-known and versatile.

The purpose of this program is mainly to attract foreign workers into the province of Brunswick because the province is lacking workers.

Benefits Of This Program

  1. Your employer is responsible for your relocation cost from your home country into Canada, including your flight tickets, visa fees, cost of transport, schooling, and accommodation, including settlement services.
  2. The employer will provide you with a language test, so if you come into the province and you want to learn French, they will provide you with the language service for French, this also applies to English.
  3. The company will provide you with on-the-job training, as they are fully aware that you are not used to the people,  lifestyle and new environment in Canada. This is to ensure that you are good and able to adapt well to your new environment.
  4. A very wonderful benefit is that your immediate family can come with you. Your spouse can get an open work permit, while your children can get study permits.
  5. Education support: As an employee of any of these companies, if you want to further your education in Canada while working with them, they can also support you with educational support and financial aid.

How Can You Apply

  • Prepare A Resume Of Curriculum Vitae

It is important to note that the Canadian style of writing resumes is different from that of other countries, so you will want to make sure that you prepare one that fits the Canadian style and is up to their standard.

  • Prepare A Cover Letter

Ensure that it covers your experiences and achievements and it should be similar to the role you are applying for.

It is important to add a cover letter. This is because most candidates who submit their resume do not submit a cover letter, so you will need this to distinguish yourself from the pack. This will show them that you are unique and that you have the skills needed for your role. Ensure to submit the resume and cover letter together.

  • Go to the company’s website and look for the career interface on their website. When you check the website, check out the roles available at the present moment and see if you will find any role you are interested in.
  • Then go to LinkedIn; Most of the big companies have their profiles on LinkedIn. Most times, the HR manager handles their profile. So you should check for job openings and send HR a message telling them that you are interested in a job offer they have as well as the experiences you think match the available roles in their company.

2. Through The Use Of Tourist Visa

Canada has an immigration law that allows visitors to settle. It is legal and started in 2021. It was set to end in 2023 but due to a labor shortage, it was reopened to open up the pool of employees in the country by allowing them to hire foreigners.

Here, tourists can apply for work permits while still in the country.


Through this route, you do not need IELTS, a job offer, or a university degree, and anyone can apply for it.

However, you need:

  1. Passport
  2. Clean criminal history
  3. Travel documents
  4. You must be in good health
  5. You need to show that you have enough money for your stay in Canada by showing your bank statement, which shows proof of sufficient funds.
  6. You also have to be able to convince the immigration officer that you will return to Nigeria once your visa has expired.

How do you prove to your immigration officer that you have strong ties to your home country?

  1. Job: If you can prove that you are an employee somewhere,  you stand a good chance of getting visa approval.
  2. Family ties: If you can prove that you are married or have a family you want to come back to, you can have a good chance of getting visa approval.
  3. Financial assets: If you have lands or houses in your country, that could prove that you will return and not dump your country.

Four ways to prove that you are a tourist

  1. Have an invitation letter from Canada, maybe a family in Canada, The letter should state that they will provide accommodation and take care of you while you are there.
  2. A return flight, hotel reservation ticket and tours in Canada will also help to prove that you are a tourist
  3. Travel itinerary: This state’s your daily activities in Canada
  4. Cover letter: This state’s your purpose for visiting Canada, how long you will stay, and when you are returning.

Action point

Once you are in Canada, look for a job. You should look for a visa sponsorship job, as they are only available to professionals living in Canada. Get a job that has an LMIA. Apply for a work permit that allows you to work after you’ve gotten the job.

3. The Caregiver Pilot Program

The healthcare sector of Canada is burdened and the Canadian government is looking for foreigners to come into Canada and fill up this labor shortage.

Requirements for this program

  1. Find an employer: The employer does not need to be an organization.  It can be a family friend or even a family member.
  2. The employer has to give you a letter of employment. This will state the number of hours you will be working, whether you are a live-in or a live-out career. He will also talk about your salary and the number of hours that you will be working.

How do you know if you are eligible?

  1. Once you have a job offer, you are eligible.
  2. You should get a minimum score of 5 for the language test.
  3. Your educational credentials must be assessed.
  4. You must have at least one year of post-secondary school experience.
  5. Housekeepers and foster parents are not eligible; you can’t use them to claim experience.

The Process Involved

  1. There has to be an employer.
  2. There has to be a job offer.
  3. You will apply for permanent residency and a work permit.
  4. After applying for permanent residency and meeting their criteria, you will be given a 3-year work permit.
  5. Once you have worked for 2 years, you can apply for permanent residency with proof that you have worked for 24 months.


Traveling to Canada from Nigeria will provide you with what is popularly called “a greener pasture” as it has diverse and numerous opportunities in different sectors. It will also improve your standard of living.

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