15 Mind-Blowing Facts That No One Asked For

It’s impossible to know everything, right? Some facts stick with us because we learned them in trivia games or heard them from someone, but there are also lesser-known facts that can give us a new perspective on the world.

On Reddit, someone recently created a thread asking an interesting question: “What’s a ‘fun fact’ that no one asked for?” As usual, the Reddit community, known for its humor and knowledge, shared many fascinating, quirky, and bizarre facts.

Here are some of the most mind-blowing ones.


1. Playing a B flat on a tuba

Image source: Bas van Brandwijk


MJSchooley: Playing a B flat on a tuba can cause arousal in alligators.


2. Mahatma Gandhi

Image source: Elliott & Fry


zhivago6: Gandhi arrived in London right before Jack the Ripper started his k*lling spree and there were no more murders after he left. He can’t be ruled out as a suspect.

3. A crew stranded on a boat on the high seas

Image source: A. D. McCormick – Google Books

Tosawi: In 1884, a crew stranded on a boat on the high seas ate the cabin boy, Richard Parker, to survive. (R v Dudley and Stephens case)


In 1838, Edgar Allan Poe’s first and only novel was published (The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket). In the novel, a group of whaling sailors are stranded on a boat. To prevent them from dying of hunger and thirst, one of the crew offers to draw lots. The crew agrees. The one who draws the short straw is also the one who offered it. But the irony is not there. The real irony is the name of this fictional character in the novel: Richard Parker.

And no, you didn’t misread the dates!

4. The tiny little island in the Arctic called Hans island


Image source: Toubletap

Velora56: There is a tiny little island in the Arctic called “Hans” island. It has been disputed Territory between Canada and Denmark. Denmark would plant its flag, and leave a bottle of schnapps. Eventually the Canadian ship would arrive remove the Danish flag and take the schnapps. They would then raise the Canadian flag on the island and leave a bottle of Canadian club. This has been going on since the 1980s and was finally resolved in 2022 when they decided to share the island.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is how war should be fought.


5. One of the successful slave revolt in the history 

Image source: Karl Girardet / Jean Outhwaite

InternationalGap6163: When Haiti was fighting the French in a civil war the French send some polish to deal with it when they saw how the slaves were treated the Polish joined the haiti revolution.

6. Cows have accents

Image source: Pixabay


Rankorking: Cows have accents depending on where they’re born and they also have best friends and get depressed when separated.


7. The giant ocean of water floating in space

Image source: Goat-Hammer, Alex Andrews


They found a giant ocean of water floating in space thats supposed to be something like 140,000 times the size of our solar system. Space sharks might actually exist.


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8. Fun facts about Abraham Lincoln

Image source: wikipedia.org


Lovely_BunnyCharm: Before he became president, Abraham Lincoln was an elite wrestling champion. In 300 matches, he only lost one. Bonus fun fact: He was also a licensed bartender.


9. Whales are mammals

Image source: Elianne Dipp


Former-Finish4653: Whales are mammals. Mammals make milk. Whale milk is so high in fat it is the consistency of toothpaste.

I love to bust that one out while someone is brushing their teeth.


10. Facts about cold and warm water

Image source: James Wheeler


Visual-Lobster6625: Cold water holds oxygen better than warm water. Which is why you’ll usually find fish in shadier areas during sunny days.

Also, if you want ice cubes to be clear, you have to boil the water first to get the extra oxygen/bubbles out.


11. A cockroach with no head

Image source: Erik Karits


Conscious-Room6601: A cockroach can live up to 168 hours without its head.


12. Meaty human thighs 

Image source: Ayanda M


jirohen: Meaty human thighs have 13,355 calories.


13. Facts about Spider

Image source: Matthis Volquardsen


K_Xanthe: Spider legs are on a hydraulic system. To move their limbs, they use their hemolymph (basically their blood) which is why when they die, their legs curl.


14. Fact about Penguin 

Image source: Jean van der Meulen


HeadFit2660: Penguins have an organ behind their eyes that turns sea water in to fresh water.


15. Why UK Pubs had stupid names

Image source: Wendy Wei


Ok-Masterpiece7377: The reason UK Pubs had stupid names, was so the illiterate patrons could find them with the artwork.

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