People Share 17 Of The Worst Travel Destinations That Don’t Live Up To The Hype

If you had asked me where I want to travel, I would have said “everywhere.” Traveling is exciting, and I love making memories in new places.

But not every trip is amazing. Some places just aren’t worth it.

People on social media have been sharing their experiences with popular tourist spots they think you should avoid. Here are some of their thoughts.


1. Grand Canyon Closet to Vegas

Image source: Grant Cai

Unicorn-nightmares: People should go to the grand canyon…. but not the side closest to Vegas. It’s a tourist scam. Take the time to go to any of the parks that access the canyon.


2. Land’s End and John O’Groats

Image source: Ian Taylor

hoganpaul: UK: Land’s End and John O’Groats are neither the northernmost nor southernmost points of the country but have become tourist attractions because people believe them to be. Both are utter c**p holes that exist only to relieve tourists of money for c**p souvenirs and overpriced drinks.


3. Hollywood, California

Image source: Ahmet Yalçınkaya

MP8877: Really surprised it hasn’t been said but…

Hollywood, California.

As someone who lives down the road and works in the area frequently, it is a shithole. Dirty and crime ridden.

A few cool things locals can do frequently on weeknights, but trust me when I say everything you see on TV really is smoke and mirrors.


4. India

Image source: aadya singh

anon: So apparently India. Especially if you’re a female. Seen too many posts bout it.


5. Times Square

Image source: Andreas Niendorf

anonanon764789: Times Square. Shops, buskers, and those overly aggressive Muppet characters all trying to separate you from your cash. It’s just a few billboards and a place to buy cheaper Broadway tickets.


6. Hollywood walk of fame

Image source: Oxana Melis

Harlow08: Hollywood walk of fame


7. Mount Rushmore.

Image source: Jéan Béller

BestSuit3780: The cement pavilion is hotter than hell in high summer, the ice cream cart is never open, water is expensive, and the mountain itself is such a shame.


8. Bondi beach

Image source: Mudassir Ali


tahsii: Bondi beach. Honestly one of the crappier beaches in Sydney that is so chock full of tourists that you’re swimming/relaxing with 8 million other people. If you can, go down the coast further – Wollongong, Kiama and Gerringong have beautiful beaches with much less traffic and friendlier people.


9. Cabo

Image source: Marco Samaniego


-Economist-: Cabo. Went in honeymoon in 2017. We never left the tourist areas yet wife’s drink was still drugged. Thankfully the “free drink” they offered me, I declined. Also thankfully my wife was okay. Just needed to sleep it off. I had a friend who also had a laced drink in Cabo last summer.


10. The Liberty Bell

Image source: Dan Mall


scedar015: The Liberty Bell is a bell. Don’t know what else I was expecting.


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11. Salem, Mass

Image source: frank mckenna

scottcmu: Salem, Mass. Biggest tourist trap I’ve ever been to.


12. Nassau

Image source: Fernando Jorge


Walkalonelyroad672: Nassau. It’s in the Bahamas and most cruise lines always stop at that port. But it’s a whole town dedicated to trap tourists into buying overpriced stuff. They play music through the whole town and you can’t walk more than 2ft without someone trying to sell you something.


13. Paris Disneyland

Image source: Bastien Nvs


National_Oil8587: I’d say Paris Disneyland, if you want to spend the day in lines surrounded by crying children and angry parents pushing you, that’s the place for you.


14. Plymouth Rock

Image source: Zoe Hoole


bjanas: It’s not as s****y as a lot of other spots mentioned here, but Plymouth Rock is super lame. Don’t do it.


15. The London Eye

Image source: Çağlar Canbay


Half-bred: The London Eye. What a crock of… they have the nerve to call a ride on a Ferris Wheel a ‘flight’.


16. Castle Neuschwanstein in Germany

Image source: Stefano Bernardo

fntastikr: Castle Neuschwanstein in Germany.

Yes it looks good. But it’s nether historical not is it anywhere convenient.

There are literally thousands and thousands of castles in Europe that acctualy are historical. So from the early middle ages and such. Visit those.

Neuschwanstein was literally build in 1869. So nothing all that special.


17. Venice

Image source: Angelo Casto

SenhorSus: Venice. Super crowded, smelled like raw sewage everywhere, super expensive. It’s a well oiled tourist trap and it was all so “meh.” My least favorite destination I’ve been to.


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