11 Leading US Military Travel Agency


For the millions of active-duty military, reserves, veterans and their families, travel is all in a day’s work. From transitioning to a new command to using leave to visit home town or even going on vacation, the travel needs of the military population are quite different from those of the general populace and therefore demand special attention.

This is where US military travel agencies come in to help, offering specialized services and advantages for men and women who have given their lives to defend America.

The Role of US Military Travel Agency

US military travel agency is very significant, particularly in ensuring that the travel of military personnel is well organized. These organizations have been put in place for the purposes of dealing with issues like compliance with government travel rules, group travel, working with relocation and coming up with the best ways to get affordable travel solutions.

  1. Travel Reservations: such as booking for air tickets, hotel accommodation, car hire and train tickets.
  2. Compliance: This involves ensuring that all the arrangements made for travel are in compliance with the existing government and DoD regulations.
  3. 24/7 Support: Open round the clock and offering services for clients’ needs, particularly those that are travel-related.
  4. Expense Management: The enhancement of the practices of expenditure management and reimbursement.
  5. Group Travel Coordination: This includes planning for the movement of groups, for instance for deployments or exercises.

Leading US Military Travel Agencies

In the next section, there is information on some of the most prominent US military travel agencies, their services, features and contact information.

1. CWTSatoTravel

CWTSatoTravel, is the biggest travel service firm that deals with the US military and the government. It offers a number of services that are aimed at accommodating the needs of military passengers.

They have experience in government travel, international connections, and the implementation of innovative travel technologies. Some of the services include government and military travel, travel arrangements, group travel, round-the-clock support and adherence to travel policies.

Email address: Use the contact form available on their website:


Phone Number: +1 800-296-0460

2. Omega World Travel

Another leading company in the military travel sector is Omega World Travel, a company that prides itself on providing quality services to its customers. It also provides military and government travel management services, air travel, hotels, car rentals and rail bookings with 24/7 customer service.

It is a government travel specialist and offers travel technology products and services.

Email Address: info@owt.net

Phone Number: +1 800-756-6342

3. National Travel

National Travel is an organization that offers travel services to government and military travel agents, with emphasis on travel management and group travel.

It provides travel management services, group travel services, and booking services. Some of their qualities include; a focus on customer service and a good understanding of government travel policies.

Email Address: info@nationaltravel.com

Phone Number: +1 800-552-3224


ADTRAV provides numerous travel management services for military and government personnel, thus ensuring efficiency and cost effectiveness. Some of their services include travel management, the use of online booking tools and adherence to the set travel policies. They have state-of-the art travel gadgets and are concentrating on the issue of costs.

Email Address: sales@adtrav.com

Phone Number: +1 800-476-2322

5. Concur Government Edition

Concur Government Edition is specialized software that helps government agencies and even the military manage their travel and expenses. These are concerned with travel and expense management, booking and reporting of expenses and enforcement of travel policies among employees.

These have integration with government financial systems and are easy to use.

Contact through https://www.concur.com/en-us/contact-v2.

6. Defense Travel System (DTS)

The Defense Travel System (DTS) is a computer-based travel management system that is used in the DoD (Department of Defense) to manage travel authorizations, bookings and vouchers. They have automated travel procurement, travel approval, booking and voucher preparation and submission.

They are unique in having direct linkages with military systems and adherence to DoD travel guidelines.

Contact through https://www.defensetravel.osd.mil/dts/site/help.cfm.

7. BTS (Business Travel Solutions)

As a company that focuses on business travel solutions, BTS (Business Travel Solutions) has been catering to the military and government sectors by offering travel management services that are in compliance with the rules and regulations.

These include travel planning, booking, ensuring that travelers adhere to the set company policies and procedures, and around-the-clock support. They are different in terms of individual approaches to clients and reasonable prices.

Email Address: info@businesstravelsolutions.com

Phone Number: +1 888-345-7082

8. GSA Travel Management Services

GSA Travel Management Services is an organization that deals with travel for federal employees, including the military and is concerned with adherence to federal travel policies. Here are some of its services: booking of flights, booking of hotels, traveling by car and travel policy adherence. Also, the type of travel programs in the government and meeting the federal guidelines in the travel management program.

Email Address: travel.programs@gsa.gov

9. Travel Leaders Corporate

Travel Leaders Corporate is a travel management company whose primary clients are government and military travelers, with an emphasis on IT and the safety of the travelers. The services provided by their company include travel management, booking, expense management and ensuring compliance with travel policies. New for technology-based solutions, travelers’ safety and security.

Email Address: info@travelleaders.com

Phone Number: +1 800-234-1219

10. Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT)

Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) is a world leader in providing travel management services for military and corporate travel. They offer corporate travel management, booking, regulatory compliance in travel, and round-the-clock services. They are unique for having an extensive global network and technological solutions.

Email Address: There’s no direct email address available; contact through https://www.mycwt.com/contact/.

Phone Number: +1 800-213-7295

11. BMC Travel

BMC Travel is a company that targets military and government customers and their mission is to offer quality service at reasonable prices. These are travel management, booking, compliance with the travel policy and other support services.

This is why they are unique among other competitors because they give their clients highly personalized service and affordable travel packages.

Email Address: info@bmctravel.com

Phone Number: +1 800-323-0123

Challenges and Considerations

Traveling is a normal affair in the military, yet it has its own complexities, particularly when it comes to the management of travel for the military. These agencies must fulfill legal requirements, offer assistance in travel arrangements, especially with the constant changes that may occur and may happen on the spur of the moment and also address security measures. Here are some key considerations:

1. Regulatory Compliance

This strictly follows the set travel policies and regulations of the DoD and other related government bodies. It involves confirming that travel costs are reasonable, authorized and well documented as well.

2. Security

It is thus important to note that military travel is characterized by traveling with sensitive information that requires added security measures. Officials need to guarantee that travel data is well protected and that employees are safe during their travels.

3. Flexibility

The military travel schedules are more likely to change frequently due to operational requirements. Travel agencies should be able to adapt to these changes as much as possible and with little or no confusion.

4. Cost Management

Financial challenges are the biggest problem in military travel, where there are certain limits to the amount of money that can be spent. Agencies have to search for ways to reduce the costs of service delivery while still maintaining the quality of service delivery and meeting legal requirements.


US military travel agencies are very important in organizing the movement of US military personnel and their dependents. From monitoring the regulatory environment to offering customer support and individualized service, these agencies are capable of meeting the needs of military forces.

These agencies provide a broad spectrum of services for military and government travel requirements and are able to assist with the most complex needs while at the same time ensuring that all requirements are met.

If you would like to have a family vacation, an adventure or a romantic getaway, the US military agency gives you the perfect solution with the lowest price that is fully focused on the military community.

Hence, aided by the online ticket booking system, professional travel agency counselors and the consideration of the health of military servicemen and women and their families, it became a travel partner of choice and left beautiful memories.

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