Someone Asked If People Would Embrace Immortality But Be Sent Back 3000 Years, Here Are 20 Interesting Responses

Imagine living in a time where ancient civilizations flourished, myths were born, and history unfolded in ways we can only dream about.

Recently, a thought-provoking question appeared on Reddit: “You’re given immortality, but as a cost, you are sent back 3000 years – would you accept, and what would you do?” This question sparked a lot of deep thinking and speculation, with many Redditors exploring the idea of living forever in the past. We’ve gathered 25 of the most interesting responses.



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Tink2013: I might accept this but I would need more information. 3000 years ago would be like 976 BC. Would I show up where I live now, or some where else? Could I take anything with me. Is immortality just not aging and disease or does it include not being violently k***ed.



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demerchmichael: I’d totally appear in random moments throughout history and make sure I’m photographed (or painted)

jfk? I’m there. fall of the Roman Empire? I’m there. Boston tea party? I’m there. Standing about 300 feet away from the White House on Jan 6th 2021? I’m there. Just be some weird enigma of history.



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britishbobsyouruncle: No. No, that sounds awful all the way around. First off I do not want to be immortal second off I do not want to go back to a time when there are no flushing toilets. Yuck!


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TheNobodyHimself: Hell yeah would write my own bible and start a bonkers religion just for the fun?



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ungratefulbatsard: Hang on 3000 years, you are either gonna be famous to live long, get caught by government and be used as a lab rat forever because youre never die, or living anonymously for the rest of your live.


I need another superpower other than being immortal tbh.



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AlarmingBuy4702: No pads, no antibiotics for UTI, slavery, and no Beyoncé. Double it and give it to the next person please.



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Spacegod87: No, for 2 reasons.

  1. The thought of living forever would be a nightmare for me.
  2. I’m a woman, so…yeah, no way.



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HMSon777: Can you choose to die at any point? If not the 3000 years is irrelevant, I’m more concerned about being stuck alone in the void 900 quadrillion years from now.



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a_statistician: I’m honestly not sure I’m strong enough to deal with everyone around me dying, over and over. I am a pretty empathetic person, and I imagine at some point, you lose the ability to form that sort of emotional bond. I find the movie “The Man from Earth” (and its sequel) to be fascinating, but one of the things that struck me is that the main character, who has been alive since cave men were a thing, has a very hard time forming love bonds – he’s seen everyone he cared about die so many times over that he’s just moved past that emotional experience. I don’t know if I could handle that, to be honest.


Also not sure I’d want to live through millennia of being oppressed and confined to the kitchen before being able to live as an equal to men. I really like my life, and would intellectually love to see society develop over time like that (am currently an academic), but it’s a lot harder to do academic study in early universities if you’re female, as I am. Pretty sure I’d be burned as a witch fairly quickly, so I hope immortality includes being able to heal quickly after injury or something.



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mejok: No. Because I have kids who I love and if I’m immortal and they aren’t….I mean…honest to goodness truth: I don’t want to be alive if my children aren’t.


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ballimir37: You really can’t do it. You’d need incredibly specific conditions.


If it’s just the “no aging” immortality, good luck surviving for thousands of years. You’re probably gonna be put in a forest next to a bear or some s**t and die right away anyways. Or you’ll trip over something trying to get out of the forest, cut your leg, and die of infection. Or you’ll starve to death because you don’t know where you are and aren’t a wilderness man.


If it’s the “invincible can’t die” immortality then hooooooooly s**t. Gonna be a fun run. Let’s say humanity gets off Earth and you don’t sit here until the sun expands and engulfs the planet. So you’re not burning inside of the sun for billions of years. Maybe you tour the galaxy, great time much fun. You’re galactic god emperor! Way to go! What an accomplishment I mean boy howdy. How could it go wrong from here?


Well after a few billion years the andromeda galaxy collides with the Milky Way and your empire is toast. Oh well, it’s been a fun run. So what’s next? Good question, well, it’s 10^100 years of suffering. Waiting for the heat death of the universe. Does that kill you? Probably not, because you are pure magic. Protons have decayed. There is no universe. Just you. In empty abandon. Forever. It’s the worst possible thing that can be imagined.



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nextdoorboy_chn: Immortal without health issues, being a perfectly healthy man with current skills and knowledge, then I am all okay to go all the way 3000 years back!


I can manage to build a better world!!!


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screechypete: I wouldn’t want to do that. I’m scared of the person I would end up becoming by outliving everyone I ever care about, and having to do it over and over again with each person I meet. I feel like I would stop valuing human life and I would become a monster who views people as toys to amuse myself. My concept of time would also be warped due to it no longer being something I care about either.


I’m happy with the life that I have now, and I’d rather make the most of the time I have, rather than be immortal and have all the time in the world.



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lordthundy: Hell nah. Word will definitely get around about my immortality and then I’ll just be subjected all sorts of s**t (torture, experimentation, etc). There’s a show about a similar concept called Ajin.



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Important-Emotion-85: If I can take my wife with me, yes.



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CaptainAlexy: Try not to be burnt at the stake



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bodycount19: I’ve done 37 years and already feel about done lol


edit: this isn’t a cry for help, just sayin a lot more time sounds like a nightmare.



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floppy-jumper: Wait 3000 years to see my boyfriend get born, and then try to make his childhood happier somehow. 



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HankSteakfist: F**k yes I would accept this.

But I’d research where not to be first. Like not getting buried in an Earthquake or in Pompeii in 79 AD



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person1873: 3000 years?

I’d get my hands on as much iron, charcoal & copper as possible.

I’d build a rudimentary lathe.

I’d be the first man to invent mathematics.

I’d be the first man to invent magnetism & electricity. 

I’d be the first to construct a battery (lead & sulphuric acid like a car battery)

Before the birth of Christ I’d have given my countrymen the equivalent of 1920’s technology.

Before the birth of Alexander the great, we’d have reddit.

So, what are your thoughts on any of this? What would you do with immortality in the 10th century BC? Kindly share your takes and stories in the comment section below!

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