10+ World Weirdest Jobs That Pay Out Quite Well

50 World’s Weirdest Jobs That Pay Out Quite Well

Jobs, like it or not, are here to stay. Some are critical of the society we live in today. Others are there to contribute to society.

However, there is a specific market for the world weirdest jobs. Some consider them important. But for the most part, they’re just peculiar. However, the world weirdest jobs did not appear suddenly.  The weird component stems from the activity itself.

Plenty of weirdest jobs raise the same generic question: “Why?” The answer is rather straightforward. They’re useful!

They are helpful enough to earn a living, yet strange enough to raise attention. As a result, many of the strangest vocations will continue to exist for some time.

As the internet became the thing to have, the list of the world weirdest jobs in the world grew. The job you didn’t know about yesterday became a strange one today. It’s normal. One typical job in Finland would raise eyebrows in the United States.

If you’re thinking about changing jobs, why not try some of the oddest jobs ever? They not only pay well (in most circumstances), but they also provide a good conversation starter.

However, do not rush to submit your CV just yet! Stay around to learn the ins and outs of such employment. Learn why some of them are unusual because of the times we live in.

What Makes a Job “Weird”?

A job can be unusual for a variety of valid reasons. Typically, the culture is at play. The more diverse the culture, the stranger the job will appear to you.

The most unusual employment in America will appear typical in Sweden or Finland. Each work will have characteristics that make it unusual when viewed through a distinct cultural lens.

However, some strange occupations are simply ordinary. For example, there is a job that requires sleep. Just that. All day napping and being paid for it.

 Some hotels will pay you big bucks for testing out their beds. You receive payment for the 8 hours of activity you have already completed.

1. Legal Bank Robber

50 World’s Weirdest Jobs That Pay Out Quite Well
Image Credit: Kindel Media, Pixels

Imagine robbing a bank without the threat of prosecution or the unpleasantness of the shower. You may work as a penetration tester or, as they are known in the industry, a licensed bank robber.

The role’s goal is to assess the security systems in place; formerly, the position required just breaking into the bank.

Even though there are still fake robbers, penetration testing has evolved to include identity theft, computer hacking, phoning operators to trick them into handing over customer information, and even posing as police agents to place surveillance equipment in vaults. It sounds like a riot and something former secret agents would be adept at.

2. Professional Sleeper

50 World’s Weirdest Jobs That Pay Out Quite Well
Image Credit: Andrea, Pixels, Piacquadio

To assess the comfort of their beds, a hotel in Finland hired a staff member to act as a “professional sleeper.” Each night, the person uses a different hotel bed and compares them to see which one she favors.

3. Professional Mourner.

50 World’s Weirdest Jobs That Pay Out Quite Well
Image Credit: Brett sayles, Pixels

Hiring professional mourners is not uncommon in numerous societies. When a loved one dies without friends, the family will hire professional mourners to attend the funeral. The goal is to enhance the deceased’s reputation. These individuals can earn $40 to $100 (£30 to £75) per session and participate in the meal following the burial.

4. Movie Watcher

50 World’s Weirdest Jobs That Pay Out Quite Well
Image Credit: tima-miroshnichenko, Pixels

Many streaming providers pay users to watch and review movies and television shows. They’re only made public if they get good ratings. You don’t need any prior experience to appreciate movies, but you should be able to tell the difference between good and bad films. The hourly wage is between $12 and $15 (£9 to £11), which is not particularly high. Whatever the case, it is safe to assume that most people would regard this as their ideal career.

5. Online Dating Ghostwriter

50 World’s Weirdest Jobs That Pay Out Quite Well
Image Credit: cottonbro-studio, Pixels

Millions of profiles on different online dating sites show how many people are looking for love. However, because not everyone can sell themselves to the hunk or the beauty, some people pay a professional to develop their online dating profile. Enter the ghostwriter for online dating. The income will vary depending on your writing ability, but you can expect to earn around $900 (£670) per month on average.


6. Zombie

Image Credit: cottonbro-studio, Pixels

Annual tryouts for zombie parts in London Dungeons’ exhibitions take place, and with an average salary of £30,000, it’s evident that this isn’t a dead-end job. Actually, it’s fairly simple: Your mission would be to frighten tourists who willingly pay to be pursued by fake intruders down dark passages. If you’re good, you could progress your career by becoming a tormentor or perhaps Jack the Ripper.

7. Iceberg Mover

Image Credit: Jean-Christophe André, Pixels

They track iceberg positions and provide safe diversions around them. They may also need to tow the iceberg away from a certain place. The concept was devised in the aftermath of the Titanic disaster in 1911, and it likely avoided a large number of subsequent tragedies. What is the projected salary? An average iceberg mover earns about $20,000 (£15,000) per year.

8. Professional Apologizer

Image Credit: jsuzy-hazelwood, Pixels

This could be your strongest suit if you have a strong “I’m sorry” or consistently apologize characteristic. The profession of professional apologizer is one of the strangest occupations we’re exploring. A professional apologizer is someone who apologizes for others on their behalf. They continue to give their condolences to a grieving person until their goal is fulfilled.

9. Hangover Helpers and Party Cleaners

Image Credit: cottonbro-studio, Pixels

Hangover helpers and party cleaners earn $20 each roommate by attending parties with heavy amounts of booze. They arrive the morning after the party, bringing burritos and Gatorade to help with the hangover and cleaning up any debris the partygoers had left behind.

Marc Simons, the founder of Hangover Helpers Party Cleaners, started cleaning party houses for extra money before realizing he could develop a business around it because people are continuously throwing parties and they never want to clean up the massive mess.

$20 per roommate, and you must bring burritos and Gatorade? A burrito in Southern California is roughly $10–11, and Gatorade is around $1.50.

So if three roommates throw a party, you’ll earn $24 to clean up the entire apartment, house, or whatever. Hard pass. Perhaps $20 per party attendee plus food for the hosts.

10. Paper Towel Sniffer

Image Credit: vlada-karpovich, Pixels

Let’s be honest: when you buy six rolls of paper towels, the aroma is what matters most. The paper towel sniffer, on the other hand, is a new type of hero who will ensure that paper towel manufacturers produce high-quality products with no objectionable odors. Not all heroes wear capes, but if you enjoy sniffing paper, you may earn $52,000 (£38,600) each year doing so.

11. Fortune Cookie Writer

Image Credit: rodnae-productions, Pixels

The opportunity to write fortune cookies could have been right in front of you the whole time. They are freelance contractors or staff writers who write distinctive and intriguing fortunes for fortune cookies. These folks can make around $40,000 (£30,200) per year.

What Are Useless Jobs Called?

The English language contains many amazing and helpful words. There is a word for everything, from many types of wind to pointless employment.

Now, there are certain parallels between pointless and odd employment. However, there is a significant difference: odd jobs serve society, even on a micro level. However, useless jobs are completely ridiculous. The only phrase that accurately describes such jobs is “BS.”

12. Gross Stunt Tester

Image Credit: roger-brown, Pixels

Enjoy shows like Survivor, I’m a Celebrity, and Get Me Out of Here? You may be a nasty stunt tester if you’ve looked at the challenges and thought, “I could do that.” You would need to practice and put all of the challenges to the test. You would be in charge of ensuring that tasks are both safe and as large as possible.

The benefit is that you may earn up to $800 per day; however, you have to wonder if there is genuinely much competition for the roles.

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