18 Teachers Who Surprised Students With Their Sense Of Humor

School and university can often feel stressful and exhausting, with tests, late-night studying, and endless assignments. Yet, some students were lucky to have funny, lovable teachers who made those tough years much more bearable. Teachers are typically seen as serious, authoritative figures, but sometimes they break out of their professional facade to reveal a hidden sense of humor. It’s always a surprise when a seemingly strict and professional teacher suddenly cracks a joke that has the whole class rolling with laughter.


These unexpected moments create a lasting impression, making the learning experience more enjoyable and memorable. From witty remarks to hilarious antics, these educators show that a good laugh can be one of the best teaching tools. If you find that hard to believe, scroll down to see pictures of some of the funniest teachers and discover how much fun they can be.


1. This Is How History Professor Teaches About The First Man In Space

TooShiftyForYou added: Yuri Gagarin was a hero for humanity. Nobody knew for sure what would happen to the human body in space and at just 27 years old he stepped up to find out.

2. A Little Wisdom From My Physics Professor

dizorkmage: Arguing with an idiot is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how skillfully you play, the pigeon will knock over the pieces, shit on the board and strut around like it’s winning.

3. Our Professor Wears His Hat And Cape Every Time He Conducts An Experiment

Citrus_supra: More impressed by the fact he is still using a projector and transparencies.

4. This Is How My History Teacher Shows Up His First Week

Channing Tatum is your history teacher?!

5. Though I’d Show You Guys What We Do In Schools In Germany. My Politics Teacher

5zym: Damn your teacher is really up to date, this meme is like a week old.

6. For April Fools, A Teacher Told Her Class That The Government Imposed The Wear Of Shower Caps As Extra Safety Measures

davidmcelroy13: And it’s interesting that they all seem to have obeyed without question.

7. This Teacher Was Extra Serious

@koawhereyaat: Doing too much 😂😂😂

8. I Guess That I Should Pay Attention In Class Today

wolf2600: Exactly. Kids will be playing on their computer or phone for most of the class unless the prof states that something will be on an exam; then they’ll take notes and pay attention for 5 minutes.

9. Our Teacher Told Us To Get In Groups And Practice Theses Shakespearean Insults, I Love English A Lot More

Ohockeyrugby:  Props to your teacher for finding a way to take something a lot of students would respond to with “when will l ever use this” and making it relevant and fun.

10. My Professor Doesn’t Believe In Laser Pointers So He Uses A Fishing Pole With A Foam Finger Attached 

@prettyliltyanna: l’d like to know why he doesn’t ‘believe’ in laser pointers though Imaooo. Like what is there not to believe? 😉


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11. After Not Taking Attendance All Quarter, My Teacher Assistant Was Out Of Town On Exam Day. This Was The Last Question

ArdentStoic: I love that he actually got 3 other similar looking dudes to stand in front of the same background like police lineup.

12. My Biology Professor Was Wearing An Awesome Tie Yesterday

meta_numbers: He kind of looks like the cat in his tie.

13. My Teacher Hand Draws/Writes Memes And Jokes Every Day

1sunday: Colorblind people don’t see the blue in bluetooth so they just see a tooth.

14. Frustrated With The Same Old Questions, My Professor Ripped Off His Shirt In The Middle Of Lecture

nowucme: Oh gosh, I want this shirt. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to say this to my students.

15. A Theorem And A Proof

holyenchiladas: In defense of proofs: proving stuff is useful! But the T and E portions of STEM don’t do very much proving, that’s more the M and S portions. The T’s & E’s take what other people have proved and use it to do stuff.

16. My Teacher Put Up A Picture Of Himself On His Door So It Looks Like He’s In His Office

SaintVanilla: He needs to add headphones so people don’t suspect anything when he doesn’t respond to knocks on the door. “Music must be loud, he cant hear me.”

17. My Teacher Dressed Up Like Batman On The Last Day Of Online Classes

BeakBryno7: did he end the class with ” AM BATMAN”?

18. Coffins Are Quite Expensive, Or Can You Rent Them These Days?

@BTW ShesAsanda:  coffins are quite expensive, or can you rent them these days?


i have so many questions 😂

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